Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well, in case folks out there did not know- I am not a football fan.  I do not understand the game- I think it is cold out, boring, and stupid to hit each other- I know very unAmerican huh?  However, I have 4 boys, so football is a big part of my life- unfortunatly.  I have seriously been counting the years I still have to sit on the bench to watch football. I cheer when the crowd cheers, and I understand when they are running for a TD, but so many times it does not count because there is a stupid flag, so all that running and cheering was for nothing.  Give me a baseball game any day!

Toby, my little baby Toby loves to play football and is playing as a Freshman on the Varsity team- well not only Varsity, but starting Varsity- Jen seems to get all giddy about this.  I just think of them hurting my baby.  I guess at 6'1" and 215 pounds he is not a baby to some, but I am his Mama and I have to remind everyone he is still 14 years old!

Here are some pictures of him playing.  He is number 32.  Do not ask me what position he plays or if it is offense or defense- I cannot help you and I will not remember- it is useless information to me.  I just like that so far he is having fun.