Monday, October 26, 2009

Homecoming Take II

Bryce went to Homecoming in another town this last Saturday with a good friend of mines daughter. She was not going to go because her friends all had dates- so Bryce was cute and asked me if it was weird if he asked her to go to her own Homecoming. I told him I thought it would be nice. It was her first "date" so poor Bryce got the lecture from her dad- her dad said he had been waiting 15 years to tell a boy the lecture and my son was the one who got it.

They had fun so that is all that matters- and they make a great couple. I am so glad he is not serious with any one girl- I think it is great that he has a bunch of friends that he enjoys spending time with.

I have made it one week without my honey. This weekend was really rough. Toby woke up this morning and asked me if I ever sleep anymore. lol

Bryce and Amalia

Amalia's flowers

What a cute pair

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh my heart is heavy...

This is a whiny post about what a big baby I am- My honey is leaving me for a month for her job to go to PA and I want to just die. I am not brave like Michelle and Nick. I love being with her and I am scared to death to be alone at night. What if I hear something outside? What if a snake comes to visit like last week? I have to be a single Mom to 5 children- all have parent teacher conferences while she is gone- I can't sleep alone- oh woe is me.

OK enough whining. I just love her!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Not Much going on

Not a whole lot going on here in the McBride household. Jen started her new job on Monday so I am really missing having her around all the time. She leaves Monday for a whole month in PA! I am just going to die. I am praying I do not get sick. Have not been to the hospital in almost 2 months now. Knock on wood!

My parents came for a visit, it was home coming, I am trying to get some scrapping done.

Have not sold a dog in two months- that is odd for us- I guess the economy is catching up with us here in CO.

It is starting to get cold- I am not a big fan of the cold. Still love my life, kids, and spouse so I guess life is good.

Jen, I and her nephew "Turtle" at the homecoming parade- notice I am wearing Bryce's jersey!

Trey #23 in the parade and Toby jumping up in the back
A scrapbook page I did last week- I actually got about 5 done- yeah!

Taya sleeping with "Brobie"

My daughter draws on EVERYTHING!- so now I am going to make a scrapbook page about it

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ok I have to have a few words- so you don't think I beat my child. Taya got stung by a bee at school right under her eye. The crazy part- they thought we were weird for picking her up from school- they said she would be ok. Would someone really leave their child at school looking like this?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reflecting on Life

I have been in contact with people in the past few weeks that I have not talked to in years and it has made me reflect a little- I have come to realize, once again- that I love my life, family, Jen and overall I am in a good place in my life! I am happy with the choices I have made, let go of hurtful things from my past and hurtful people, and I just want to add peace and joy to people I am in contact with. I have really enjoyed talking to an old friend Patty- nice catching up.

My parents came to visit from Hawaii for a night- they were able to go to all 4 of the boys' football games and they all won- so it was great! Sad news is they are thinking of moving away from Hawaii and back to the mainland. We will sure miss seeing them in Maui- but will get to see them more once they move. This season of their life is coming to a close. I think of life a lot more in seasons.

The season that Jen and I have shared for the past 10 months of her being layed off is also coming to an end- as she begins her new job as a correctional officer in 1 short week. I have enjoyed having some one on one time with her. Her last job really drained her- so it has been great to see her get back to the old Jen.

Bryce went to Homecoming- he is growing up. His date was beautiful and they had a great time. Last year he went stag- I think stag days are behind us now. Another season over.

Toby is an animal in football- for the second week in a row he has gotten the MVP award. The gas man came to our house the other day to change out our meter and he asked me if I was Toby's mom- I said yes and he told me that Toby was a natural at football and I needed to nurture that talent. It was a little weird that s total stranger knew my son!

I hurt my finger when I went shooting with Jen- I got a blister on my trigger finger. I just don't think I am made for shooting. Probably never gave this season a chance!

I appreciate all of you!

Family picture with my parents

The boys!

Toby and his "Big Stomp" award- it is like MVP

Full shot of Bryce with his date for Homecoming

Bryce and his date!

This is the blister on my sore trigger finger