Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Ativities

Busy weekend here- Trey had a basketball tournament in Nebraska- he is such a natural athlete. He does those trick shots and he makes them! Jen and I wish he would miss so he was no so cocky about his abilities! He made the winning points for one of the games- but basketball is over now-yeah! They get a whole week off before baseball starts.

Jen makes me laugh- the kids have the same coaches for a lot of sports- these three Dad's. One is a big jerk- he gets thrown out of games for cussing at the officials, he has a horrible kid who is a ball hog and swears like a sailor, and he really rides Trey hard. Now, do not get me wrong- Trey is not perfect- he is an 11 year old boy, who gets an attitude, gets to big for his britches, and sometimes is flippant with his coaches. We address it and take care of it as needed. This one coach was just yelling at Trey,and Jen had had enough- she told him to back off or she was not going to allow Trey to keep playing- that she knows he is the best player they have and if he single handedly ruins Trey's love for sports- he was going to ave her to deal with. The coach kept saying that Trey has so much potential and he just needs a better attitude- she goes on to say that she knows how great he is and he does not respond well to yelling. It was pretty funny to watch- this town just does not quite know what to do with us!

Toby and Dylan had a wrestling meet. Dylan took first and Toby took 4th. Jen took Taya with her- so we split up the kids. I got to do a little scrap booking- so all in all it was a good weekend.

I have a new plan- so many folks want me to do scrapbook albums for them- and I just do not have the time. So I have decided that I will make 4 duplicates of layouts that I make. one for me, one for a family gift album, and two to put in an album to sell. Not sure how far I will get with my plan- but that is the plan this week.

I can not believe February is almost over. Bring on the warm weather and the lake time!

Trey making a shot before the game started

He just towers over the other kids

One layout I did this weekend

This is my first of my duplicate layouts

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Got your attention didn't I? Where is your mind? I am showing you all about Taya's Valentine's Day box!

I have been a bad blogger- just trying to keep up with everything and stay out of the hospital.

Jen loves making fancy Valentine's Day boxes and her years of doing it are going to be coming to a close soon- so she worked on Taya's castle for her. Taya was very happy with it- I think you can tell from her smile!

Sports for this quarter are winding down and I will try to update on that soon.

Jen is going to be going to days soon, so that will make me happy!

Lots to catch you up on- I will try to work on it.

Jen put Taya's head on Ariel- funny huh?

You can't tell but inside the castle, all the princess's are dancing at a ball.
Jen is such a great parent- just one more reason why I love her so!