Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sometimes there are no answers...

This beautiful young mother used to work for Jen and her Dad- she was a young mother to three children- had her own business as a flagger- not an easy job to work in the weather with truck drivers. She had some rough spots- but really seemed like she was doing OK.

She shot herself last night. I feel so sad for her babies- her family and her friends. Goodbye Samantha- Rest in peace and I am so sorry this life was so hard and painful for you. You were just a baby yourself. I remember how much you loved animals and your kids and tried to do better for yourself. We would go to the same Birthday parties with our kids and sit and visit. I wish I would have known you needed help. I am sorry Sam, you were dealt a tough hand of cards.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

My twins are 5th graders!

This is the class picture of all the 4Th graders- notice Trey and Dylan in the red shirts right in the middle- lol!

Taya moves to another year of Pre-school
Twins- 5Th grade
Toby- middle school- 7Th grade!
Bryce- Jr.

Wow where has the time gone? They get so expensive as they get older. I love being a Mom- it has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I love the relationship I have with my kids and that they will tell me anything- sometimes things I don't want to know. Today was a great example.

When I woke up- Bryce came in my room and shut the door- and told me- "OK don't get mad"- well, hell right there your throat goes in your heart, you start to hyperventilate as you look at him and say "Of course I won't dear, talk to me.

Now Bryce is 16- but we did not get his permit until a few months after because he had bad grades- so when he turned 16 he did not get a licence- he is still on the permit until August.

Well the poor little child was bored last night- and in all his infinite wisdom could not think of anything to do- except steal Jen's truck at 2 a.m. and go visit some friends. Hello- was he dropped on his head as a baby? The tail light was out so he got pulled over- and it went down hill from there. He got a ticket for violating the conditions of his licence- but instead of calling his parents, the cop let him dive home....interesting.

Now I am so thankful no one was hurt including my son- but could not have planned this better- he got busted by a cop! He was terrified to tell me.

We talked and got things worked out- I did not freak out- I know there is so much more to come. I am thankful he is safe and no one else is hurt- I can cherish the little things.

Jen on the other hand is freaking out and telling the world what happened- I do not agree with that. So now we have a rift between us. I think she needs blood pressure medication to keep her calm.

I was a horrible child- ain't nothing these kids could do that I have not tried.

Oh, and just to top the day off- I let some dogs out thinking they would do well- NOPE dog fight- 7 on 1- I was screaming and kicking and I sprained my ankle and broke my big toe! Irritating.

Class of 2018

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vegas was fun!

We had a fun trip- was to short- but it was nice to sleep in, walk around, and just do what we wanted to. No schedule. I wanted to ride the New York New York roller coaster 10 times- but after 4 times on an empty stomach- I had enough.

Jen met some dead stars

I liked watching the girls dance on the bars!

This was a CSI thing- where you solve a case- this is the autopsy- it was so dumb- I do not recommend it.

Want me to tell you what Jen had to do to earn these beads?

Jen was trying to make this look like a mug shot- but I think she failed miserably!
It was fun- now we are home for 3 weeks and then off to Hawaii, home for a few days, and then off on a road trip with my brother. June is going to be a crazy month for us.
Where do you plan to go on vacation this summer?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh Vegas, here we come

Jen and I are off to a short trip to Vegas- we will leave tomorrow and be home Monday after school. I am so excited to have time alone with her- no kids- this has never happened!!!!!!

Oh yeah baby- we are outta here!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stop Complaining

OK, so I decided I have been too serious lately and I need to lighten the mood- I will tell you a funny story about how Taya has Jen so wrapped around her finger.

The other night Taya wanted to take a bath- so Jen filled the tub. She told Taya it was ready- Taya was sitting naked at Jen's desk with her legs crossed and said, "Say pretty please Princess Tay Tay it is time for your bath."

Jen says "Pretty please Princess Taya, go get in the tub." Nope was the response she got from Taya. "You are not listening, I said say Pretty Please Princess Tay Tay it is time for your bath, say that Nay Nay"- (That is what she calls Jen)

I am laughing so hard at this point. This is when I would say- get in the tub or no bath- but not Jen- she asks why she is begging Taya to take a bath when Taya wanted to take one in the first place!

After a few tries, Jen was able to say the correct response and Taya got in the tub. Oh this child kills me!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first girl

Years ago I took care of some kids for a friend of mine who was in prison. She gave birth to this beautiful baby while in prison- so I took care of her from birth until three- Keanna was her name. She was born addicted to crack and I was so young myself- had no clue what I was doing- but I sure loved that little girl and her brother.

Three years went by and I petitioned the courts to adopt them- long story short- it was Utah, I was white- they were black- I was a Lesbian...need I say more?- My family was no better- not supportive at all of what I was doing- I was so young and so naive.

So the Mom freaked out because I was trying to "steal" her kids- and took them from me and gave them to another friend of hers- who was a horrible person and murdered this sweet baby girl because she peed the bed. She stabbed her with a screwdriver and beat her so hard she died- two months after she left my care.

I sent the judge the rudest letter I could type.

This is all that was in the paper,4802375,4223392

The murderer never got much time- sometimes life is frustrating.

Keanna's birthday is in May- she would be 20- wow 20 years old. I still think about her at least once a day- she was my first baby girl. Her Mom buried her in an unmarked grave- makes me sick that this woman who never even knew my little Keanna had more rights then I did- just because she gave birth to her. I was the one who cared for her- held her- kissed her owies- rocked her when she had drug with drawls- got up with her in the night- and loved her so much.

RIP my little Kiwi- I will always love you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I hate Mother's Day

I really miss my Mom everyday but on Mother's Day I am reminded how much of my life she has missed and that she never got to meet 4 of my kids. My Mom was an alcoholic and it makes me mad that she is gone. I wish I could just call her and talk.

Don't get me wrong- I love being a Mom- but for me Mother's Day is about My Mom.

I have Step Mom that has been in my life since I was in Fourth grade and I am appreciative of her- but I still miss my Mom.

I miss the little things like:

Calling her anytime day or night

Her cooking

Talking to her about anything

Her smile

How she loved me despite anything I did

The sound she made when she cleared her throat (weird I know)

Watching her get ready

Her handwriting on letters she wrote me

How excited she was to have a Grand baby

How much she loved cats

Her smell- Chanel #5

Just having a Mom

I love you Mom and I miss you like crazy! RIP

Friday, May 7, 2010

6 new babies

This years ducks- out of 6 I am sure hoping at least 1 will make it. Taya likes to "love" them to death- and last year Jen's dad brought his dog over and he had a snack. Oh well they are sure cute at this stage anyway.

Sylan- he has so many talents

Root Beer just wants to heard them

Trey, Dylan, and Taya playing with the new family members

These are the black ones- we also got 3 yellow ones

Taya drives me crazy about holding the ducks

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I love baseball

Double header Thursday and tonight- I am so glad the boys are playing a sport I understand. Not to mention they look cute in their uniforms. Trey is a really good catcher- people from the other team were coming up to him after the game telling him what a great job he did. Dylan is getting better- he hit a triple tonight!

Trey at bat- he did strick out a few times though

Trey as catcher- he does this thing where he hooks his finger in his shoe....

Dylan after a triple- he was so excited.

The swing

Dylan at bat!