Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Princess

I have no idea how this happened? My little tiny daughter, who was just born yesterday is 5 today! I can't believe it. I love you so much, I am so glad to have a daughter and I am certain that my Mother had a hand in picking you as my daughter. May all your dreams come true, you never lose your sense of humor, the magic that you believe in, and the love that you radiate. I love you Moo! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I know you hear all the time about how life is not fair for gay/lesbian couple- and some of you straight folk get tired of it- but damn I am so frustrated.

I have been covered under Jen's health insurance as a Domestic Partner forever- and believe me- we pay a high price. She left her job in October- so I elected COBRA- OK great- it took months to get it going- in February they finally billed me for 4 months- OK, all is fine and dandy- so I paid an arm and a leg- then just this week they decided that Domestic Partners are not covered under COBRA- so now I have lost my continuation of coverage since November 1st. Had I known this I would have gotten other insurance in November. Now I have a 12 month pre-existing clause- and with my illness- that is so not fair- if I was straight this would never have happened. I am so frustrated and there is nothing I can do.

They are sending me back my premiums- but I would much rather have health insurance. UG!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How did this happen?

I know you hear all the time about how fast people's kids are growing up- but my baby is going to be 5! Really? Kindergarten is just around the corner- while I am looking forward to having the baby stage behind me, Pre-school out of the way- Kindergarten? Wow.

I think Taya is starting to come out of her shy shell a little bit- she is talking our faces off and won't shut up- but I think she is getting a bit braver with people she does not know. I hope so- she was/is painfully shy.

She is loving Gymnastics- or whonasticks as she calls it. Here she is doing straight arms on the double bars.

She is very conceited- she told Dylan the other day that it was easy to be ugly and hard to be pretty- because he just has to get up and throw clothes on and go to school. She has to get up, brush her hair, put on a pretty dress, and it is just hard. LOL

When leaving the house the other day she stopped at her reflection in the patio door, flipped her hair and said- "I am beautiful!"- where does she get this crap from? Talk about a high self esteem- but at least she makes me laugh.

Speaking of laughing- she thinks she is funny too- she is always competing with Jen- and Jen told her the other day that Jen was really funny in High School and voted Class Clown- and Taya says- "Oh like me?" and Jen says- "well I think I was funnier than you"- and Taya says- "no way, I am the funniest person you know". She kills me.

We are taking Taya and her friend to see Disney Princess's on Ice- we will stay in a hotel the night before so they can swim, have brunch in the morning and then we got front row seats- I sure hope she does not try to take one of the Princess's jobs- since she is no doubt prettier than they are!

Girls, are just so much different than the boys- a fun different- but different.

Happy face at Gymnastics


These are her Birthday invitations I made for her Princess party.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Science Fair

Dylan did the Science fair at his school this year- he worked so hard on it with two of his friends- then the day before it was due the school decided he could not have three people in his group- so he had to hustle butt and modify the project. He did great and got first place- he actually got 1 point more than the other two kids.

Very proud of him.

Look at my handsome guy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brag on Toby

Toby applied and was accepted into the National Jr. Honor Society along with his girlfried Taylor. He is such a good kid- so very proud of him.

I am standing on my tip toes soI can be taller than him- but I can't fake it any longer- he is taller than me at 13!

Toby and Taylor.