Saturday, May 23, 2009

We are the DIY family now!

So, the bathroom is still in progress- I did put the first coat of paint on it tonight- hopefully tomorrow it will get a second coat and we can tile. Then put it all back together on Monday- only took a week.

Now that Jen has tackled the bathroom- she thinks she is ready to open a handy man service- so she decided we could pull up the old kitchen flooring and sub floor. Note: there are a million- not even exaggerating a little, staples in the floor- so we had to get rid of them- so out came the dremel again and two days, and 15 bits later we are still sawing off staples. I am hoping this will be finished by Monday. I think the kitchen is getting painted this week, and the new flooring installed.

Then after we get these two projects completed- we are going to paint Taya's new room and pull up the carpet- so new carpet can be installed. Jen is already looking around the house for her next project- it scares me!

Sweeping up the mess- under the vinyl, and sub floor were those peel and stick tiles that will never come off. So new flooring will cover them again.

Bryce having way too much fun.

These are cool tools!

Dylan having way too much fun!

Bryce pulling up flooring.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This is why contractors are in business

In our bathroom- we have ugly gold tile and I planned on it being our next project- you know silly me thinking it was enough to have our kitchen all pulled apart and 2 bedrooms being built. Well a small piece of tile fell off and Jen got this great idea to re tile the bathroom- seemed like a small enough task.

So she removed a row of tile on the side of the tub...

She made a big mess on the floor...

Then she got out her dremmel....


Now my bathroom has become a huge project- because when she took off the tile, she damaged the drywall- which was supposed to be some special water proof board but wasn't- so she found moisture- and had to peel all that away and now it is a mess.
Did I forget to mention that she has never done a project like this before? This is also the bathroom that the boys shower in every morning? Wow I will be so impressed if she can put it all back together, but secretly I am glad that my contractors will be here next week while we are in Hawaii- just in case she can't.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Life on the farm

Taya played in her pool

Charlie played in his pool

"Dog" the Emu says HI- I love this bird

Dylan pet "Dog"

Dylan played with Charlie
It is days like this that I am grateful for the wonderful animals we have. In the winter when the water is frozen and I am freezing, I am not always so grateful.

Happy Birthday to My Jen

I am so lucky to have the world's greatest Spouse. I know that most people think their Spouse is the greatest- and for them he or she is- that is how it is supposed to be.
Today is Jen's Birthday and I would like to share how blessed I am to have the greatest Husband in the world.
Jen is so very thoughtful- she will make sure that I have gas in my car, the tires are just the right pressure and all that icky stuff that would make my hands dirty before I have a long car drive.
She is there at night to hold me when I have a bad dream, to rub my head and help me to fall asleep, she is my best friend- but it is so much more then that. I can tell her anything and her opinion of me won't change- I can be me around her.
She holds my hand and makes me feel safe when I am unsure of things. She can calm me with a look in her eyes and she knows when I am upset and need a hug and a reassuring word, even when I am trying my hardest not to show it.
I can walk into a room, and see her face, catch her eyes and my world is OK. I love how her face lights up when she sees me.
She is a great parent- and would do anything for our children. She has the patience of no one I have met- she keeps me grounded with the kids when I am losing it. They look up to her on so many levels and I am always amazed at the things she teaches them and how she enriches their lives.
One of the most amazing things about her is her love for her parents- especially her Father. A day can't go by without her talking to her Dad- she laughs with him, fights with him, teases him, but the love they share is so amazing to me- it makes her day when she sees him.
Jen is genuine- she hears good things about people and she is happy for them, she always wants the best for everyone. She is not spiteful and I admire that.
Jen has stood by my side through my horrible illness, held my hair back while I puked my guts out, taken me to the ER time and time again and stayed with me, fighting with the Dr's to get me the treatment I need. She knows when I need to go- even when I am being stubborn and think it will pass. Many Spouses would just leave- buy it has made our relationship stronger.
Jen is my rock, my balance, my support- she is laughter and love, protection, intimacy, honestly and most important kindness. She has a great relationship with the Lord and has taught me so much. I am a better person for loving her, raising children with her, and having her love me.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Look what I got!

When we moved here- they was a raggedy old swing set- but it worked- the boys were a little older and did not play on it much- so when we decided to build the new kitchen we new we would get Taya a new swing set- however the kitchen is taking forever and the weather is nice- so we went ahead and got it for her- and once the dirt pile is moved and the patio poured we will move it and plant sod- in the meantime Taya can enjoy it now.

It only took 4 adults about 4 hours to put it together. My buddy Chad that was in prison got out last week- so he came over and helped put it together with us. Thanks Chad. He is having a tough time finding a job and adjusting, but I am hoping it will get easier for him.

They are sanding the drywall today- I am hoping this means they will paint soon- so we can see some progress. We have drywall dust on everything- that is always nice. Bryce asked them when they were going to cut the new hole in his room for a bigger window- because he is impatient and wants his new bed and room put together- but they said they are going to put some things together before they destroy anything else- so I am hoping that means we will start to see a light at the end of this tunnel.

We are going to go see Larry The Cable guy tomorrow night- Bryce is going to go with us, he is excited.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meanest Mother award

The teenager saga continues- quick recap- I won't let Bryce get his permit until he has "C's" or better- he struggles with school- won't do his homework, is lazy and does not have his priorities in order- he is capable and has been on the "B" honor role before. I don't think I am asking for the impossible but he does. So bottom line- the grades are no better and his birthday came and went with out a permit. You have to have your permit for 12 months before you can get you licence- so at this point he will be over 16 when he gets his license- to a 15 year old- END OF THE WORLD!

So things have been going OK considering- now and again Bryce will make a snide remark about driving- but no major blow ups.

Life goes on and my best friend graduated as an RN last Saturday- Congratulations Ann! So there was a graduation party next door, friends, food, and alcohol. We stayed for awhile and then left because I was on call and had to check on a woman in shelter. Bryce continued to ride dirt bike's with Ann's son, Phil.

About 8:00 I get a text from Bryce that says: "Mom, I need to ask you something, please say yes"- OK as a parent you already know this is not going to be good. :)

So I am ask him "what?"

He replies: "Can I please play beer pong? Everyone else is doing it even Phil and Nathan- (who are 15 and 16), Please Mom"

Okay- what planet is my son on? I personally do not drink- I am not opposed to people who drink- I just don't choose it for myself- not to say I have never had a drink or anything- I just would rather have a Dr. Pepper- it tastes better. Bryce is 15- now many of you probably drank at 15- but I am the same Mother who would not let him see a PG13 movie until he was really 13- and I still don't let him see rated R movies, although we all know he has snuck and seen a few.

I really think he thought I was going to say "sure son, I have a rule about not getting your permit until you have decent grades- but go ahead and drink with your buddies at 15!"

I of course had him come right home, I told him I was proud of him for asking me if he could drink and that I was sorry he was put in that position. It of course turned into I am the strictest parent, he looked stupid having to come home when everyone else got to stay and drink, and I won't let him get his permit because I am so mean. One of the other kids drinking has a parent who is in law enforcement and he was allowed to drink. I told him that I can't control what other parents do- but that I made the right decision- I am certain it did not help his bruised ego though.

So if you watch the TV show the world's Strictest parents, according to Bryce, I should be on it- so watch for my episode. :)

He was however the first of my kids to tell me Happy Mother's Day and he still tells me he loves me at least twice a day-so there is still hope. :)

Off to the zoo, again

So Trey and Dylan get to go an an amazing field trip with the school. They get to spend the night at the Natural history museum and then go to the zoo the next day- so we went and met them all at the zoo. Luckily we are zoo members so we don't have to pay all the times we go. We stopped at the school and picked up all the sack lunches for the kids- so a bus driver would not have to sit in a bus all day with the lunches and off we went.

Taya is in love with elephants- so on the way up she kept saying the elephants were crying for her- so when we got to the zoo, naturally she wanted to see the elephant right away. However, we had stopped at Starbucks to get a box of coffee- has anyone ever heard of a box of coffee?- it is a disposable thermos type container- but we knew the teachers would be running on empty after spending the night with the kids- so we wanted to perk them all up a bit.

On the way to the elephants- we of course have to pass all sorts of other animals- I am pointing them out to Taya- and she is crying/screaming- throwing a three year old fit letting me know she does not want to look at zebras or lions or anything else except the elephants. Oh she is impossible, can't she enjoy the other animals on the way to the elephants? Absolutely not- it is her way or the highway!

All in all it was a fun day- I do love the zoo and all of the animals- now Jen has decided we need one of those huge tortoises- so she is on the hunt to add one to our farm.

Construction has come to a halt again- I guess a roof collapsed in town on a building- so my guys are rebuilding it- I understand this is more of an emergency situation- but I would sure like my kitchen done. They have been working on the roof for the past 3 days. It has been 4 months for us already! We got our cabinets in- so the shop is full of like 40 boxes- so that makes it harder because I am so ready to see this all finished. We picked out the flooring and it matches the counter tops perfectly. I ordered a trash compactor- should be here in 2 weeks- now we just need to get a sink and faucet- yeah!

2 weeks until school is out and we leave for Hawaii!

Trey looking so happy to be at the zoo

Dylan- now I see why he wanted to break away from his group- so Mom can buy him snacks

I love this picture of Taya and Dylan- it will make a great scrapbook page

Group shot- Taya was most excited about the sack lunch

True love!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

She is gone- and I am still lost sometimes

Just wanting to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. Mother's Day is different for everyone- some that are struggling with infertility- this is a very hard day. I remember during my own infertility journey how I would long to be able to celebrate this day with a baby that I could call my own.

If you have lost a child- this is also a very hard day- a day to think about all of the "what ifs"

Some struggle with their own relationship with their Mother's- so this may not be a day to celebrate- but a day to reflect on how you might do things differently.

Some have lost their Mother- they may or may not have know her- but we all have or had a Mother.

Whatever the day holds for you- my blessing and thoughts are with you.

I would like to share some about my Mother. I had a great Mother. My Mother was the PTO President, the crafty one who was always trying to make people smile. She was a cake decorator, she could sew, she made incredible food. She was smart, and funny, and beautiful. I remember she had the most sexy legs of anyone I had ever seen. She took on projects that most could not do with 10 helpers- she would do herself. She lived to make my brother and I happy. - unfortunately her love for alcohol clouded her judgement and she died of liver failure when I was 25.

I was incredibly sad to lose my Mother- but at 25 I did not fully understand the impact it would have on my life. Sure I knew I was losing my Mom, my friend, that I could call at all hours of the day and night. I lost that financial go to parent that I knew I had in my back pocket if I need car repairs or an emergency came up. I knew I was losing my Mother, an import figure. It was not until many years later that I knew how deep that cut.

Once you have children of your own you understand your own parents a little more. When my kids were/are sick I want to call my Mom and ask her how she would handle it- but she is gone.

When Toby was being life flighted to children's hospital and I was scared out of my mind- I wanted to call my Mom- she would have flown here without even being asked- but she was gone.

When I had twins and wanted to share the exciting news- I wanted to call my Mom- but she was gone.

When I found out I was finally having a little girl- I wanted to tell my Mom- but she was gone.

When I am sick and can't get out of bed- I know my Mom would have come to take care of me and help with the kids and make me chicken soup- but she is gone.

When Bryce lettered in football and we were all so proud of him- I wanted to call my Mom and tell her how great her Grandson is- but she is gone.

When I just want to cry- and I don't know why- only my Mom would understand- I want her to just give me a hug and tell me it will be OK- but she is gone.

When I want to call someone and complain about my Dad and how impossible he is sometimes- or my step Mother and how my kids are treated differently then the other grand kids and how hurt they are or I am-I have even dialed her old number- but she is gone.

When I want my Mom to know what a great life I have, wonderful kids, and a spouse that loves me more then anything- someone I know she would love too- but she never got to meet her- because she is gone.

It hurts to lose a parent- so if you are lucky enough on this day to have a Mom that you have a good relationship with- call her and tell her how much you love and appreciate her.

(This is where I wanted to post a picture of my Mom- but Jen has not hooked up the scanner despite me asking her several times a day for 4 or 5 days now- so I give up. I don't have any digital pictures of her and only a few regular pictures- but I have no computer skills to scan the ones I have in- so no picture for my post- maybe next year).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As far as the eye can see...

OK before you look at these pictures- just remember that my house has been under construction for three months- so everything gets piled in my office- so it is not the neatest area.

I thought that you all might enjoy the view I have from my desk when I am working on my computer- it feels like every animal in the house needs to be around me!

I wouldn't have it any other way- I love my animals.

Teriyaki sitting behind me.

Teriyaki walking along my desk.

Pepper laying under my desk- she was an outside cat- afraid of people and one day she had kittens and the dogs got to her babies- so I brought her inside with the only 2 kitties that made it- she has never left except to go to the Vet to get fixed.

Root Beer- she is my baby and goes everywhere with me- she is never more then about 3 feet from me.

Toast and Leihua- what you can't see is that Toast's butt is laying on my feet!

Monday, May 4, 2009

It's a cruel world- at our house

Growing up in a house with 3 brothers- has to be a challenge. My kids love to play pranks on each other- and Jen is just a big kid herself.

Poor Toby- while he was sleeping the other night- Jen and Trey decided to pose Taya's doll- Tina with him. So here she is "touching" his butt, and laying with him- at one point he actually held her wrist while he was sleeping- how cute.

Will the poor child ever be able to live down these pictures that he had nothing to do with? Probably not- because I think they would look good on his Senior page in the year book, or during the slide show at his wedding, oh the possibilities.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trey's turn

I swear it is always something in the McBride household. Bryce got a 250 YZ dirt bike for his Birthday- so Trey has been riding the old 125- the front break had not worked in quite awhile- so they use the back break. Well, Jen's brother came over today- he is our go to guy to fix stuff. So, he fixed the front break.

Remember Trey is a beginner rider- and is not very skilled in the use of a front break. So he took a jump- hit the break and came down on a stiff wheel and went flying on his neck. The dirt bike landed somewhere on his head. His chest pad cracked- but did it's job.

My best friend and neighbor is an RN- so she put a c-collar on him- we got him on a "back board"- (shelf)- and off to the Er we went because his pupils were different sizes.

The great news is- he is just fine. The worst part of the whole ER trip was- they cut his shirt and sweat shirt off. Once I knew he was OK- I snapped a few pictures with my phone for a scrapbook page. :) Gotta love a Mom who is a scrapbooker.

Trey in the ER with a C-collar on

Jen is so stressed out- Trey just hurts

This is what is left of his shirt after they cut it off

This is the chest pad- broken in half from impact- it did it's job!