Saturday, May 2, 2009

Trey's turn

I swear it is always something in the McBride household. Bryce got a 250 YZ dirt bike for his Birthday- so Trey has been riding the old 125- the front break had not worked in quite awhile- so they use the back break. Well, Jen's brother came over today- he is our go to guy to fix stuff. So, he fixed the front break.

Remember Trey is a beginner rider- and is not very skilled in the use of a front break. So he took a jump- hit the break and came down on a stiff wheel and went flying on his neck. The dirt bike landed somewhere on his head. His chest pad cracked- but did it's job.

My best friend and neighbor is an RN- so she put a c-collar on him- we got him on a "back board"- (shelf)- and off to the Er we went because his pupils were different sizes.

The great news is- he is just fine. The worst part of the whole ER trip was- they cut his shirt and sweat shirt off. Once I knew he was OK- I snapped a few pictures with my phone for a scrapbook page. :) Gotta love a Mom who is a scrapbooker.

Trey in the ER with a C-collar on

Jen is so stressed out- Trey just hurts

This is what is left of his shirt after they cut it off

This is the chest pad- broken in half from impact- it did it's job!


  1. Holy Cow. THANK YOU GOD he was wearing that chest pad. Unbelievable!

  2. Oh my. So glad the chest pad did it's job. And so glad that he is ok!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! How scary for everyone! Glad he's okay and sooooo grateful he was wearing the chest pad.

  4. OMG...I missed this one. you guys really have to put away any thing that has wheels. Its not even been a month since the car was totaled. ENOUGH is what i say....

    thank God he is ok. phew..