Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July from our house to yours.  Jen had to work today, Dylan is at a friends, Bryce is gone- so it was a bland day.  We went to the parade in the morning, where Taya was on the dance float and Toby was on the wrestling float, so good thing I had Trey to sit with or I would have been a big loaner.  

There are no fireworks statewide this year, not even sparklers or snakes because it is so dry and all of the wildfires.  I miss them, but would rather not have any then take a chance of someone being hurt or losing their home.

Hope everyone had a great day!

My parents dog Ilio

The wrestling float- Toby is the tall one

Taya said she had an awesome time- although you could not tell by her face- she did say she had to ride on the float with the little kids and that annoyed her

Toby was on the wrong side of the float- so I just got his back

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The end of boyhood....

Tuesday we said goodbye to Bryce.  he was sworn into the US Navy.  I am so proud of him, but it hurts my heart to say goodbye to my baby, my firstborn.  I have never done this before so I am not sure if this is what all parents go through when a child leaves home or if it is because he is going into an unknown for me.

I do not come from a military family.  My blogger friends Nick and Michelle have taught me a lot about military life and I have such a he respect for them to be able to sacrifice and say goodbye to your spouse for months on end.  I have watched what they have gone through.  My Dad was a draft dodger, so military has always been a bad word in our home- so when Bryce decided he wanted to do this my heart swelled.

He will do great- this is an adventure for him.  He loves the physical aspect- I wish I was there the first time he tells his Chief that he does not feel like doing something- lol

I feel like I belong to a whole new family now and it is very emotional- I think he will graduate August 24th- can't wait to see the man he has become.

Bryce swearing in

The Captain, or as Taya says- the bossy lady in the pretty dress

Us before the good byes

The family- Toby is missing because he was at football camp

This little girl is sure gonna miss her big hero brother