Saturday, June 27, 2009

A wonderful day...

We had a great day- we jumped the gun and had a BBQ to unveil to new kitchen- even though it is not finished- but we really just wanted to get everyone together. We had over 40 people here and it was great. Three of my old Foster kids came- and it was great to see them and their families and who is important to them in their lives- but also to see them reconnect with each other- it does my heart good. I love those kids. We even got out old scrapbooks and saw how much they had changed. That is something they don't have- scrapbooks of their childhood's- I should have been better about taking pictures. I do have Paul's first and so far only trip to Disneyland so that is fun. It is weird for me to see them as parents now- but it looks like they are all doing great job and I love them.

Bryce giving 2 of his siblings a ride

Taya keeping an eye on her baby ducks

They are getting so big- although she loved one to death- oops

The gang and their new families

Me, Amber, and Paul

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Butterfly Pavillon

We have a lot of miller moths and Taya loves them- she lets them in the house and catches them- so we thought we would take her to the butterfly pavilion with the twins. We have not been there for years. You wank around and look at stuff- hold a tarantula named Rosie and all is well. There is a big room where the butterflies fly around- if one lands on you it is good luck. So Trey and Toby got a butterfly- I had one on my face and Taya was sad because she wanted one- so I spotted a dead one on the ground and I placed it on her shoulder- she was so happy with her quiet little butterfly- so I took pictures- oh the little things that keep them happy.

We have a lot of miller moths and Taya loves them- she lets them in the house and catches them- so we thought we would take her to the butterfly pavilion with the twins. We have not been there for years. You wank around and look at stuff- hold a tarantula named Rosie and all is well. There is a big room where the butterflies fly around- if one lands on you it is good luck. So Trey and Toby got a butterfly- I had one on my face and Taya was sad because she wanted one- so I spotted a dead one on the ground and I placed it on her shoulder- she was so happy with her quiet little butterfly- so I took pictures- oh the little things that keep them happy.

They had a cute little tortoise and Taya was petting it- and one of the little teeny bopper volunteers said-"I know that turtle was sick and no one was supposed to touch it- it had salmon something- but I think it is better now" There was a puff a smoke and Jen was flying Taya to the bathroom to wash her hands. Then she came back and lectured Volunteer boy about not letting anyone touch the tortoise.

Then yesterday another alarming thing happened- Taya was playing with her baby ducks- and one did not look right- it appears she may have broken it's neck. Taya would pose the duck with the head up and say "see it is OK"- It scares me I feel like Jeffery Dalmer may be my daughter. Does anyone really know where that sperm comes from for sure?

I jumped the gun and planned a BBQ for Saturday and things are not ready with the kitchen, wrong counters, the basement flooded the new carpet, the lights are wrong, no sink- but we are going to go ahead and wing it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Snake and marraige

I am still heading down that road as a bad blogger- I need to get back on the band wagon.

So Jen's brother decided to get married to his girlfriend of 10 years and the woman he has three children with- why rush things? So Friday was the "wedding"- a handful of people in the back yard and the children running around shooting each other with toy guns- it was a little odd. Then Saturday was the BBQ/reception.

Jen invited a bunch of High school buddies to come down- so that was fun- Jen and her friend's had way too much to drink- so most of them were crying by the end of the night- funny to watch though. Taya loved holding this snake at the BBQ, while sitting on Ann's lap- I don't recall ever going to a wedding with snakes- but hey I am game.

The counter tops came in and just when it seemed we were going to have some normalcy in our lives I looked, and they had the wrong finish on them. In the grand scheme of things it probably does not matter- but it kept bugging me all weekend- so Monday morning I called and told them they were wrong- believe me the guy did not want to re-order those babies- but he knew he ordered them wrong- so two more weeks without counters and a sink. I will survive this right?

Jen and Trey took a road trip to MO to pick up some puppies from a litter we bred- so while she is gone all hell breaks loose. We get this freak rainstorm that fills the window well with 3 feet of water- it pours into Trey's brand new room with brand new carpet! So I have been sucking water out of the carpet for hours and there is no end in sight. I have carpet guys coming in the morning. Oh and the new bay window leaked a little too. I just want to crawl in a hole and not deal with any of this. My guys are not going to like me in the morning when I call them.

Speaking of morning- I have to get up in 3 hours to take a puppy to the airport and hurry home for the Dish network guy- I am going to be so tired. I just can't sleep when Jen is not here. O better go try though.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day?????????

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Electrician has been spotted

After waiting all week for the electrician- he has shown up for a few hours a day for 2 days and I appreciate him. He has a lot to do, but he needs to be here to get it done.

The kitchen is looking amazing- I can't wait. They tell me Friday we will have a stove again, Friday the counters are supposed to be here also. I am not hopeful they will cut the sink on Friday because it seems they have a lot to do- but as long as we are making progress I am happy.

The rooms downstairs are all but finished- the closets need bars to hang clothes on and vents for the heater/ac- but I think that is about it- lights went in today. It will be nice to get everyone back in their own space- we have been on top of each other for 5 months now.

On a sad note- Jen and I had to put her parents dog to sleep tonight- she was 14 and her legs gave out on her it is always sad to do that- her Mom was just bawling at home and we knew she could not do it.

On a happy note- one of our females is in labor- so Jen and I are up delivering puppies- well I am delivering- Jen is snoring. :)

Still messy- but looking from the old kitchen into the new part- remember there was a wall her a few months ago?

Looking in the old area- the fridge still has no home because the electrician is slow, so it is in the middle of the floor- that makes life fun.

Pantry and fridge area- yes I put in 2 pantries!

This will be a bar to sit at- sink in the far left corner

Dining room and a great bay window- patio doors to the new covered patio

Tada- Taya's Room is done

I have been a horrible blogger- we have just been so busy. I finally finished Taya's room and I am posting pictures. It was fun to finally get to do something pink. She loves her room- she keeps kicking us out and closing the door. She says her room is totally "awe stome."

I have lots to update about about so I promise I will get on the ball. Toby cut his foot and had to get stitches in his foot. We are just accident prone people I guess. Just be glad you don't have to pay our medical bills! The kitchen is moving along- I have pictures of that too and we hung our first barn quilt! We get the second one tomorrow. It is a turtle- then she will start to paint the third one.

I am going to do a digital scrapbook of our Hawaii trip because I have like 300 pictures- does anyone have a site they like best?

I know I need to take the stickers off her window

That weird spot behind the castle is glitter paint- it looks really cool up close- and all the dots have it too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Updates on lots of stuff

Well we made it home from Hawaii just fine, a little tired after three planes changes- but all intact. Bryce was off to camp the next day for two weeks so he did not have a lot of turn around time.

The kitchen progress was amazing- the flooring was in, the painting was done and most of the cabinets were set in place so we had an idea of what things would look like. I knew carpet was going to be put into the kids rooms Monday or Tuesday, so that did not leave me much time to paint Taya's room. Trey and Dylan's rooms were painted because they were part of the new addition, Taya was getting their old room so it was up to us.

So, I was up early on Sunday painting her room- I must say it was a lot of fun after 4 boys to finally get to paint a little girls room. Then I started getting sick and it was all downhill from there. By 9:00 I knew I was not going to be able to take Bryce to camp -it is 3 1/2 hours each way- so I sent Jen on her way and my best friend came over and laid in bed with me until I was ready to go to the hospital for meds. She stayed with me until Jen got back and picked me up at the ER.

Jen and I finished Taya's room early the next day three pink walls and a chocolate wall- they I got the bright idea to paint polka dots- it is turning out really cute- I will post pictures. Taya loves it.

Jen finished the bathroom- our camera died on the trip to Hawaii so I need to dig out an old one to get some pictures.

It has been raining like crazy here- so Taya has been catching frogs.

Just wanted everyone to know we are still alive.

My favorite dog was bred before we left and she is getting so fat- I am really excited for her to have her babies.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hawaii on Thursday- The Sugar Cane Train

Today we went for our annual ride on the Sugar Cain Train. It is a fun steam train that the kids love to go on each year- the train spits steam and it is a fun hour and a half round trip.

For some reason Blogger hates me today so I can't seem to upload any more pictures.

Today is also my Dad's Birthday- so they met us at the beach with the dogs and that was fun. I made dinner and we have Angel food cake and strawberries for dessert.

The weather has been perfect- it is raining at home- so I appreciate being away. My workers said they have my kitchen flooring in- and the texture finished on the walls so I am looking forward to seeing the progress on the kitchen when I get back.

Tomorrow the kids are going skim boarding again- it is funny we used to spend all our time snorkeling- but as they get older they want to do more athletic things.

Bryce and Taya

The Sugar Cane Train

Taya on the train

Cool tree

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hawaii on Wednesday- Big Beach and Water balloons

Today was perfect- we went to "Big Beach" at Bryce's urging- so he could skim board. I admit it has great sand for skim boarding, but on the other side of the Lava hill is "little Beach" a well known nude beach- so I had to wonder what his motive was. After all he is a 15 year old male.

Ten minutes after arriving at the beach, Bryce and his brother's could be seen climbing the rock wall in search of "the perfect wave." They were back soon though, saying all they saw were sagging old ladies boobs. I have to laugh- I think they thought Lady GAGA would be there in all her glory.

The waves were great, the water was warm, and we had a nice day at the beach.

When we got home, after a stop at Cold Stone, the kids shot water balloons off the deck and of course Smores for dessert. Great day on the island of Maui!

Bryce at Big Beach- after the old lady shot

Dylan shooting a balloon

Toby going for the long shot

Trey boogie boarding

Towel head Taya

Beautiful Hawaiian flowers

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hawaii on Tuesday- Melting Pot-Yum

Today was better, not locked in a car all day. I didn't kill anyone in my family. :)

Today we ran errands, got Toby a new skim board, went to Hard Rock for lunch with Tutu and Papa. Did shopping for friends and family. We sold a dog to some folks that live here on Maui, so we went to see them and the pup- oh they have a beautiful home. I would never leave it.

We ended the day with fondue at The Melting Pot. The kids were great and Taya did wonderful for a three hour dinner. I wanted to go by this place where a friend plays in a jazz band on Tuesday's, but the kids were wiped out- maybe next year.

Tomorrow we are taking the boys to a beach that will be good for skim boarding. Then having smores after dinner- yum.

I have so many blogs to catch up on. I will be busy when I get home.

Taya enjoying herself

Visiting Hulu

Toby, Bryce, and Papa at The Melting Pot

The whole Motley Crew

Monday, June 1, 2009

The road to Hana- Hawaii on Monday

Have I mentioned I love Hawaii? However there are things that are not always my favorite. One is the trip to Hana. It is not about getting to Hana- because there is really nothing there- the way there is something like 615 hairpin curves and a crap load on one lane bridges- this I do not mind. What I am not very fond of is being locked in a car for 9 hours with 5 children! There is a reason I am not a teacher or a bus driver- I would off myself.

So we have not been to Hana for 5-6 years- just didn't want to tackle it- but this trip we decided to. It is a beautiful drive, waterfalls, and caves. Black sand beaches and lots of adventures. However, between those adventures I hear things like- "I'm gonna puke," "stop touching me," "Oh, Toby farted and it smells like cheese," This is my day. We made lots of stops but they still got on my nerves- I was frustrated with Jen not reading the map- and all in all it was a long day.

It was a beautiful drive though- and when I do it I am reminded of how much I love it- but this year I have truly earned a shirt that says "I survived the road to Hana" simply because I did not kill anyone.

Taya goes for a swing

Toby, Dylan, and Trey climbing on the entrance to a waterfall

Me and my sweetie

Trey with sunscreen on his nipples- I am so using this picture in the future for blackmail!

Group shot- before I killed everyone!

I do love Hawaii

Well we made it to Maui. I of course got sick on the plane about 2 hours before we landed- so our first trip was to the ER for meds and IV's while my parents took the boys home. I felt better- but stayed in bed all day Saturday while Jen took the kids to the beach. I am feeling better now- but man I am so sick of being sick. It is just not fair.

Today I was able to go to the beach with everyone. The kids had a great time surfing and boogie boarding. I do love Hawaii it is so relaxing and the people are so friendly.

I made fried chicken for dinner- and tomorrow we are off on an adventure so no water tomorrow for us- it will give the sunburns a day to soak in.

Normal children build sandcastles on the beach- my daughter wanted to build a volcano. She makes us laugh.

Trey boogie boarding

Dylan deciding what to do next

Toby went overboard on the sunscreen

Bryce had to get a new rash guard this year- because he is so "buff" lol

Bryce with his new surf board

Bryce, Toby, and Trey waiting for the next wave