Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hawaii on Tuesday- Melting Pot-Yum

Today was better, not locked in a car all day. I didn't kill anyone in my family. :)

Today we ran errands, got Toby a new skim board, went to Hard Rock for lunch with Tutu and Papa. Did shopping for friends and family. We sold a dog to some folks that live here on Maui, so we went to see them and the pup- oh they have a beautiful home. I would never leave it.

We ended the day with fondue at The Melting Pot. The kids were great and Taya did wonderful for a three hour dinner. I wanted to go by this place where a friend plays in a jazz band on Tuesday's, but the kids were wiped out- maybe next year.

Tomorrow we are taking the boys to a beach that will be good for skim boarding. Then having smores after dinner- yum.

I have so many blogs to catch up on. I will be busy when I get home.

Taya enjoying herself

Visiting Hulu

Toby, Bryce, and Papa at The Melting Pot

The whole Motley Crew


  1. ohhhhh, the melting pot sounds so good. We don't have one here though! :(

  2. What a crew...very handsome and cute :) Thanks for sharing

  3. You guys are just having a blast!!! Love the Melting Pot! The pic's are just awesome!!

  4. Ohh I'm so jealous...of Hawaii. We did Melting Pot one night, and I'm not sure I was that impressed. First I had no idea it took so're right, three hours is about what it takes. Second I thought for what we got it was pretty over priced. And I'm not sure how yours is set up, but the ones here have special booths with curtains that draw across them. I don't want to know what their doing back there with bowls of melted cheese and chocolate...