Monday, June 1, 2009

The road to Hana- Hawaii on Monday

Have I mentioned I love Hawaii? However there are things that are not always my favorite. One is the trip to Hana. It is not about getting to Hana- because there is really nothing there- the way there is something like 615 hairpin curves and a crap load on one lane bridges- this I do not mind. What I am not very fond of is being locked in a car for 9 hours with 5 children! There is a reason I am not a teacher or a bus driver- I would off myself.

So we have not been to Hana for 5-6 years- just didn't want to tackle it- but this trip we decided to. It is a beautiful drive, waterfalls, and caves. Black sand beaches and lots of adventures. However, between those adventures I hear things like- "I'm gonna puke," "stop touching me," "Oh, Toby farted and it smells like cheese," This is my day. We made lots of stops but they still got on my nerves- I was frustrated with Jen not reading the map- and all in all it was a long day.

It was a beautiful drive though- and when I do it I am reminded of how much I love it- but this year I have truly earned a shirt that says "I survived the road to Hana" simply because I did not kill anyone.

Taya goes for a swing

Toby, Dylan, and Trey climbing on the entrance to a waterfall

Me and my sweetie

Trey with sunscreen on his nipples- I am so using this picture in the future for blackmail!

Group shot- before I killed everyone!


  1. Glad you didn't off anyone!

    The pic's are just gorgeous! It all just looks so beautiful!! Love the family pic!

  2. lol...I can so relate and I only have two. even with all the stops, we still managed to get alot of 'get off me' 'stop touching me' 'stay on your side' 'leave me alone'...I can go on and on....

    "I gotta a game, lets see who can keep quiet the longest, the person who wins gets an turn on the game station in the hotel room..."

    ahhhhhhhhh piece and quiet.....even if its only 15 minutes, worth every minute of

    Love all the pictures...what a beautiful family

  3. LOL! Great job Kate!! I love the family picture right before you killed everyone so you wouldnt have to ride with them ALL on the way back.