Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tada- Taya's Room is done

I have been a horrible blogger- we have just been so busy. I finally finished Taya's room and I am posting pictures. It was fun to finally get to do something pink. She loves her room- she keeps kicking us out and closing the door. She says her room is totally "awe stome."

I have lots to update about about so I promise I will get on the ball. Toby cut his foot and had to get stitches in his foot. We are just accident prone people I guess. Just be glad you don't have to pay our medical bills! The kitchen is moving along- I have pictures of that too and we hung our first barn quilt! We get the second one tomorrow. It is a turtle- then she will start to paint the third one.

I am going to do a digital scrapbook of our Hawaii trip because I have like 300 pictures- does anyone have a site they like best?

I know I need to take the stickers off her window

That weird spot behind the castle is glitter paint- it looks really cool up close- and all the dots have it too.


  1. Aww that room is very pink and looks fit for a princess.
    Photo bucket is quite good, and i use snapfish which is good cos you can get gifts with your photos on.

  2. ooooh! I want to sleep there!!!