Saturday, June 27, 2009

A wonderful day...

We had a great day- we jumped the gun and had a BBQ to unveil to new kitchen- even though it is not finished- but we really just wanted to get everyone together. We had over 40 people here and it was great. Three of my old Foster kids came- and it was great to see them and their families and who is important to them in their lives- but also to see them reconnect with each other- it does my heart good. I love those kids. We even got out old scrapbooks and saw how much they had changed. That is something they don't have- scrapbooks of their childhood's- I should have been better about taking pictures. I do have Paul's first and so far only trip to Disneyland so that is fun. It is weird for me to see them as parents now- but it looks like they are all doing great job and I love them.

Bryce giving 2 of his siblings a ride

Taya keeping an eye on her baby ducks

They are getting so big- although she loved one to death- oops

The gang and their new families

Me, Amber, and Paul


  1. We had the best time ever. The girls asked me if all of us could go down and live w/ you
    it was so funny I think they really mean it.
    I love you all so much thanks for everything.

    Love Amber

  2. Awww, so sweet. Kate, you're such a wonderful, giving person. (((HUGS)))

  3. Love the baby ducks. Im so far behind on blogs. I will get caught up when we get home.