Sunday, July 5, 2009

Oh, life in the country....

First of all I just want to put out there- that I do not want to hear Anyone's crap about posting naked pictures of my daughter- you can't see anything and naked kid pictures of childhood are cute- if you can't handle it= then stop looking now. That said....

I love living in the country- because where else can you spend the day playing in your yard dressed (or not dressed) like this? Taya and her new puppy Hana- had a wonderful day playing naked. I love that she is able to be free and have fun.

We had a nice fourth- I will post some pictures and tell you about the newest injuries on the kids.....

My niece is going to be coming for a visit on Friday- so that will be fun. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

You can see my new barn quilt in the background of one of my pictures too!


  1. I'm a country girl at heart and I do miss those "naked" days. :) Looks like a great time!!

  2. A few months ago, someone got upset (only b/c they felt it could attract predators) that I had a butt show of Mal. I think nakey babes are adorable, but she did scare me pretty good!