Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What are your thoughts?

Two things I wonder about....

What are your thoughts about people that put their children on a leash? This is a monkey backpack- and the tail is a leash.

A family dilemma.....
Jen was very close to her Grandmother- and when the Grandmother died her wedding set was to go to Jen and the Grandfather's set to her brother. Seems fair right? Well Jen was not ready for the set- because we were not sure what to do with it so her Mom has held onto it.
Ok- now the problem. Jen's brother has decided to marry his girlfriend. He is stupid about money even though he makes plenty, so here comes the wedding day and he has no ring- so Jen's Mom offers the Grandmother's wedding set for them to "use"- no one told or asked Jen about this.
So now it has been a few months- the new wife is still wearing the Grandmother's wedding set that was supposed to be used for the ceremony only- there are no plans to buy her a new ring and Jen is torn up about this. What would you do? We are not talking about anything fancy- but just the fact that the set was Jen's Grandmother's- it probably does not help that Jen is not fond of the new wife either.

1 comment:

  1. The leash thing...I personally would not use them on Kayla...but then again she is a good girl and wouldnt need to use one. However, I do personally know some military brat kids around here that sure could use them to save their parents a little sanity.

    The ring thing...that set is Jen's. They need to give them back.