Friday, July 24, 2009

It has been a day!

We got my Grandmother situated in Hospice- oh they are so nice and comforting. I love them. They gave her some pain medication right away- gave her a warm towel bed bath, had flowers in her room waiting for her. I feel like she will get so much better care there. I am happy.

The guy building or porch fell off the ladder and broke his wrist today while we were dealing with transporting my Grandmother.

Then, on the way home we got a hell of a flat tire- and the lug wrench did not fit- so we called for help- the man that came to help cut his hand open because the wire of the tire wrapped around the wheel axle- we can't even get a normal flat tire. So they had to send a back up guy.

Then I am going in for surgery in a few hours and I have not even been to bed yet- does anyone else see this black cloud I have hanging over my head?

Grandmother in her new digs- Taya calles her "Grandma there"

Taya and Root Beer are worn out after a long day

The tread from the tire that fell off

Taya is showing Jen how to change a tire

We try to keep a happy face through it all- hell I am snapping photos on the interstate

What a mess


  1. What a day. :( I'm so sorry. At least you were making the best of it by taking it! That's something I would do. :)

  2. Man... when you have a day... you really have a day, dont ya! I will be thinking about you during your surgery, Hugs to you.

  3. Oh no...hope that black cloud doesnt last too long!