Thursday, July 9, 2009

More construction pictures

I haven't shown you the mess my house is in for awhile- so these pictures should give you a good idea. Yesterday my new counters were in- and in our town at the store- silly me I thought my construction guys might go get them and put them in- you know we have not had a kitchen sink for over 6 weeks- we have 5 children and a kitchen is important- but what was I thinking? Instead they decide to tear apart Bryce's room with no warning. So they had to get the back hoe thingy to pull out the small window that was there because the concrete was 8 inches thick- in order to cut a hole big enough for his new window and window well.

Now Bryce is happy they are making progress on his room- but I can't get the new carpet in until next Thursday in his room- so what was the hurry?- Meanwhile my beautiful new counters are sitting at the store just waiting for me to make dinner on them.....

Little jail cell window

Trying to get the concrete to budge
There it goes

One last little piece left

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