Saturday, February 27, 2010

A little update

Nothing major going on in McBride world. Trey and Dylan had their last basketball game today- now baseball starts on Monday.

I went to a crop today and got 13 scrapbook pages done. That always makes me happy! :) I went to three classes and made some fun things- did not learn anything but I had a lot of friends to chat with.

The puppies are starting to leave- they went from little rats into beautiful puppies. 7 of them fly out on Monday- they were delayed because of the big snow storm back east. We still have 18 right now- 2 more leave tomorrow- so we will really be down in numbers by Monday. We did a woman fly out from MI just to look at them- she bought one but needs 3 weeks before we can ship it. It amazes me that people do things like that!

Jen bribed Taya today to be good and she would buy her a bike helmet- now she is going to wear it to bed!

I got sick last week- I was so mad- it had been since September- and it came on so fast and was so painful- by the time we got the the ER I was crying and I did not care who saw- this is so not like me. The good news is- I recovered very quick, not so much throwing up or medications- so while the pain was worse- the recovery was not too bad. Maybe it is the vitamins??? Who knows- I just would rather not be sick at all.

One of my favorite dogs- Kapu- is in heat and will not bred- we have tried everything- different males- holding her- just short of Jen holding her over a hay bale- so we may need to place her in a home- this makes me sad- it is the part of my job I hate. We have had her three years and only gotten 1 litter from her.

Jen is still loving her job- she had to watch a prisoner the other day who is in solitary confinement- he was rubbing his poop all over the walls- I could never work there. They told her to "gown up" and go cuff him and Jen said- "Oh, no way, you do not pay me enough to do that!"

Jen's mom had to have back surgery on Weds. Her disk was on her nerve so they put a screw in it- now it looks like she is going to go to a rehab place to recover and Jen is freaking out thinking her Mom will never get out- it is heart breaking to watch.

Bryce broke up with his girlfriend that I was not fond of. :) He bought her some flowers for Valentines day- I delivered them to school on Friday and she told him they had been broken up for a week but she must have forgotten to tell him- RUDE! She sure took the flowers though! I wish her luck- and that she figures out a better way to treat people.

If you made it this far- thanks- here are some pictures to enjoy.

Trey on the court

Dylan on the court

Kapu- may need to leave us :(

One of the puppies- this is "Maui" she is going to a fun guy in IL.

The new bike helmet!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Brain Bowl

We spent all day Saturday at Brain bowl. It is similar to Jepardy questions that they ask the kids and they buzz in with hopfully the right answer. Trey was the only one in it and it was not too painful for an all day event. Something different to do.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shitty Day!

There is just no other way to describe it!

Jen and I got up early- on her day off- when it was cold outside and we would much rather stay in bed! Loaded the flat bed trailer and drove 80 miles to Denver.

We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel- OK that part was good.

Then we went to Sam's club and bought 600 pounds of dry dog food, 10 cases of canned dog food, and a bunch of other junk.

Went to Home Depot- the tail lights on the flat bed went out at some point- so people were honking at us- because Jen likes to make sudden lane changes and drive me crazy!

Bought a new tub at Home Depot because ours is on old cast iron one that has rust stains and it is time for a new one. Get everything situated and tied down on the trailer.

Go to get Taya a canopy bed- the store is out of stock- but there is one clear across town- about 40 mins away- OK let's go get it. Meanwhile, we also find a couch we like- but they are out of stock on that too- so we figure the other store might have one. Go out to drive to the store to get the bed and our tub is GONE! Just gone- someone took out new bathtub. Who steals a bathtub?

OK now I am pissed off that I spent $250 for a tub that I do not have, have to drive across town to get a bed that costs way too much money and I am just in a pissy mood.

Get to the second store and while they are pulling Taya's bed I find a couch- in stock great- things are looking up. There is a new computer system and the sales lady does not really know how to run it- but I am patient. She charges my credit card- won't go through?? huh??? So I call the bank- I have already spent my daily limit on my debit card- well so what?- if there is money in the account let me charge away right? Nope- but I am welcome to go to a branch store and get cash out- OK NO- I want to use my credit card.

So I use a different card and buy the couch- paperwork hassle from Mrs. Idon'tknowhowtodomyjob- so I go and have them pull the couch too- well they can't pull up the ticket because....there is none in stock! They will get more in around June! At this point I am frustrated. Not to mention the bed has still not been pulled and it should have only taken 15 mins- but has been 40 mins. So I want a refund on the couch to my credit card- only no one knows how to do this...they can sure charge the card- but not give me my money back. I am trying to be nice but really losing it. If one person would have just said sorry- I might have been happier- but no- they looked at me like I had just offered to breast feed their Grandmother on Sunday!

Then I told them I was about to cancel the bed too because it was taking so long and Taya would be in college soon. Well, there was a computer problem so they had to pull the bed manually- and it took how long to figure this out? This is not my problem- and don't you pull it manually anyway when you drive the little fork lift to the spot and pull the bed out? So we got Taya's bed and left.

Just a crappy day- I am glad it is over- but I still need to buy another tub and find a couch!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jen loves VD!

Jen has always loved making Valentine's day boxes. Up until now- she has made her fair share of robots- but this year Taya wanted a Princess Castle- so she went to work. It was pretty cute- behind each window she put a different Princess plus fish in the moat- and when she took it to Taya's school- there was one happy little girl. All the girls in the class were gathered around the box, pushing Jen out of the way so they could see it. I can't wait until her party tomorrow.

Trey did not get to make one this year- in his words, the teacher only let them do "stupid bags." That is sad because most likely this is his last year! It is not cool to be a 5th grader who gives Valentines to the class. :)

Dylan went with a new theme this year and Jen made an I-pod- she is so creative- it even has earphones. I wish I had digital pictures of their robots she has made over the years but wither I lost them, or deleted them, or who knows maybe it never really happened and I dreamt the robots.

Hope everyone has a great VD! Jen thought she could call yesterday to get dinner reservations at The Melting Pot- silly Jen of course they are booked!

Dylan with the headphones!

The I-pod box

Princess Tay Tay's Valentine's castle

I am pretty sure her smile says it all!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


This is what my child does to her room on a daily basis- she changes clothes all day long and just trashes her room- then when you ask her to clean it up- she can't!

Is this normal behavior? It sure gets old cleaning it up!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Princess Nemo

Today was Girl's Day- every Friday Taya and I spend the day together. So today we went to Wal-Mart and I made the mistake of walking past the fish. Taya begged me for a fish- and how can you say No to such excitement? So a fish that was a mere $.28 cost $25.00 after the rocks, food, bowl, and castle.

She was so excited carrying her fishy out of the store- people were laughing at her- she is contagious. We got Nemo home, all set up and life is good- then Taya decided Nemo was thirsty- I guess it did not matter that Nemo was swimming in a gallon of water- so she gave Nemo some Dr. Pepper. I was sure surprised when I went in the kitchen and Nemo was swimming in brown water. Nemo is back in fresh water and so far 8 hours later- we are still alive. No guarantees it will stay that way!

Princess Nemo has a new Mommy!

In the background- this is the new tile I had installed last week!

She loves Nemo

She has sat here most of the day watching Nemo