Saturday, February 27, 2010

A little update

Nothing major going on in McBride world. Trey and Dylan had their last basketball game today- now baseball starts on Monday.

I went to a crop today and got 13 scrapbook pages done. That always makes me happy! :) I went to three classes and made some fun things- did not learn anything but I had a lot of friends to chat with.

The puppies are starting to leave- they went from little rats into beautiful puppies. 7 of them fly out on Monday- they were delayed because of the big snow storm back east. We still have 18 right now- 2 more leave tomorrow- so we will really be down in numbers by Monday. We did a woman fly out from MI just to look at them- she bought one but needs 3 weeks before we can ship it. It amazes me that people do things like that!

Jen bribed Taya today to be good and she would buy her a bike helmet- now she is going to wear it to bed!

I got sick last week- I was so mad- it had been since September- and it came on so fast and was so painful- by the time we got the the ER I was crying and I did not care who saw- this is so not like me. The good news is- I recovered very quick, not so much throwing up or medications- so while the pain was worse- the recovery was not too bad. Maybe it is the vitamins??? Who knows- I just would rather not be sick at all.

One of my favorite dogs- Kapu- is in heat and will not bred- we have tried everything- different males- holding her- just short of Jen holding her over a hay bale- so we may need to place her in a home- this makes me sad- it is the part of my job I hate. We have had her three years and only gotten 1 litter from her.

Jen is still loving her job- she had to watch a prisoner the other day who is in solitary confinement- he was rubbing his poop all over the walls- I could never work there. They told her to "gown up" and go cuff him and Jen said- "Oh, no way, you do not pay me enough to do that!"

Jen's mom had to have back surgery on Weds. Her disk was on her nerve so they put a screw in it- now it looks like she is going to go to a rehab place to recover and Jen is freaking out thinking her Mom will never get out- it is heart breaking to watch.

Bryce broke up with his girlfriend that I was not fond of. :) He bought her some flowers for Valentines day- I delivered them to school on Friday and she told him they had been broken up for a week but she must have forgotten to tell him- RUDE! She sure took the flowers though! I wish her luck- and that she figures out a better way to treat people.

If you made it this far- thanks- here are some pictures to enjoy.

Trey on the court

Dylan on the court

Kapu- may need to leave us :(

One of the puppies- this is "Maui" she is going to a fun guy in IL.

The new bike helmet!


  1. Wow. You sure have a lot going on. I hope you don't have to get rid of Kapu. :( That's so sad.

    Thanks for the update!!

  2. why would you have to get rid of kapu? :(

    Jen is my kinda girl. "Oh, no way, you do not pay me enough to do that!"

    That is too funny. oh, congrats on the bryce Girls, Didnt you teach him they have coodies?