Friday, February 5, 2010

Princess Nemo

Today was Girl's Day- every Friday Taya and I spend the day together. So today we went to Wal-Mart and I made the mistake of walking past the fish. Taya begged me for a fish- and how can you say No to such excitement? So a fish that was a mere $.28 cost $25.00 after the rocks, food, bowl, and castle.

She was so excited carrying her fishy out of the store- people were laughing at her- she is contagious. We got Nemo home, all set up and life is good- then Taya decided Nemo was thirsty- I guess it did not matter that Nemo was swimming in a gallon of water- so she gave Nemo some Dr. Pepper. I was sure surprised when I went in the kitchen and Nemo was swimming in brown water. Nemo is back in fresh water and so far 8 hours later- we are still alive. No guarantees it will stay that way!

Princess Nemo has a new Mommy!

In the background- this is the new tile I had installed last week!

She loves Nemo

She has sat here most of the day watching Nemo

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