Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Shitty Day!

There is just no other way to describe it!

Jen and I got up early- on her day off- when it was cold outside and we would much rather stay in bed! Loaded the flat bed trailer and drove 80 miles to Denver.

We went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel- OK that part was good.

Then we went to Sam's club and bought 600 pounds of dry dog food, 10 cases of canned dog food, and a bunch of other junk.

Went to Home Depot- the tail lights on the flat bed went out at some point- so people were honking at us- because Jen likes to make sudden lane changes and drive me crazy!

Bought a new tub at Home Depot because ours is on old cast iron one that has rust stains and it is time for a new one. Get everything situated and tied down on the trailer.

Go to get Taya a canopy bed- the store is out of stock- but there is one clear across town- about 40 mins away- OK let's go get it. Meanwhile, we also find a couch we like- but they are out of stock on that too- so we figure the other store might have one. Go out to drive to the store to get the bed and our tub is GONE! Just gone- someone took out new bathtub. Who steals a bathtub?

OK now I am pissed off that I spent $250 for a tub that I do not have, have to drive across town to get a bed that costs way too much money and I am just in a pissy mood.

Get to the second store and while they are pulling Taya's bed I find a couch- in stock great- things are looking up. There is a new computer system and the sales lady does not really know how to run it- but I am patient. She charges my credit card- won't go through?? huh??? So I call the bank- I have already spent my daily limit on my debit card- well so what?- if there is money in the account let me charge away right? Nope- but I am welcome to go to a branch store and get cash out- OK NO- I want to use my credit card.

So I use a different card and buy the couch- paperwork hassle from Mrs. Idon'tknowhowtodomyjob- so I go and have them pull the couch too- well they can't pull up the ticket because....there is none in stock! They will get more in around June! At this point I am frustrated. Not to mention the bed has still not been pulled and it should have only taken 15 mins- but has been 40 mins. So I want a refund on the couch to my credit card- only no one knows how to do this...they can sure charge the card- but not give me my money back. I am trying to be nice but really losing it. If one person would have just said sorry- I might have been happier- but no- they looked at me like I had just offered to breast feed their Grandmother on Sunday!

Then I told them I was about to cancel the bed too because it was taking so long and Taya would be in college soon. Well, there was a computer problem so they had to pull the bed manually- and it took how long to figure this out? This is not my problem- and don't you pull it manually anyway when you drive the little fork lift to the spot and pull the bed out? So we got Taya's bed and left.

Just a crappy day- I am glad it is over- but I still need to buy another tub and find a couch!


  1. Oh that is a crappy one! Hope today was better. I would have lost it completely.

  2. Oh my good grief... how frustrating! Bet you're glad that day is over, huh! Did you pay for the tub on a credit card? If so, you may be able to call them and cancel, since it was stolen. If not, check with your homeowners insurance... So sorry that happened, though!

  3. I am glad it's over also! That is one shitty day. And they stole your tub? I mean, it wasn't like they walked by and picked up a bag of dog food, or even a bicycle, or shit a stroller, they took the tub?!! Whoever it was had some major balls! Did you ask to see if the store had suveillance (yeah, I am butchering that word) cameras? Maybe you could get a plate or something and then file a report. Worth a shot - cause that has just got to really piss you off. And as for the store associates, didn't you just want to knock them out? Geesh!!