Saturday, February 28, 2009

Foster kids

For many years I was a foster parent. I took teenagers because that is what no one seemed to want. Everyone wanted babies and little kids. I was a foster parent for about7-8 years and in that time I probably had 50 kids in my home.

Sometimes we had a few, sometimes we had 7 or 8, sometimes teen Mom's with babies. We had drug addicts, gang bangers, alcoholics, sexually, and physically abused kids. We took anyone that needed a home.

I am a fairly naive person, never did drugs, I don't drink. I was raised in a well to do neighborhood in orange County, CA- so I saw and heard things that blew me away. I learned things that shocked me- but I accepted all the kids. I treated them as my own, I loved them, took care of them, covered for them, whatever it took.

We had children that at 14 had never had cupcakes brought to school for their birthday- so I arranged birthday class parties in middle school. This was before cell phones, and we got beepers for all the kids. We bought them their first cars, took them to Disneyland- we loved them and just treated them like normal kids.

I adopted one of them. She had been in 17 homes, she was a very difficult child- we got her at 12. She was angry, on drugs, and so damaged- but she learned to love us and she wanted to be a part of our family forever- she needed that- so I adopted her at 16 years old. I was able to give her a forever family. She is still pretty badly damaged, but she is a good kid- and she is a survivor.

Some I got closer to then others. It seemed like the girls were very close to me. When I had the twins I decided that I could not be the kind of foster Mom I wanted to anymore because I was tied down to two babies- so I stopped doing it. The last of my kids were old enough to go out on their own and it was time for me to focus in a different direction.

I know you are wondering where this is going... well tonight out of the blue one of my kids called me. She was one of my special one's. I was so glad to hear from her. She is 27 now and has 2 kids- that blows me away. She sounds happy and I can't wait to go see her and meet her daughter's. She said she has missed me and that I made a huge impact in her life- that is great to hear. It has been about 10 years since I talked to her. She tracked me down over the Internet and I am so glad she did. I am glad I was there for her during a time in her life when she needed a Mom. She is drug free, and has it all together and that makes me proud. I would love her anyway- but I am glad she is doing well.

I just wanted to share my exciting news.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jen had a baby!!!!!!

Ok well maybe not Jen- but her baby had a baby- so it is kinda like she had a baby!

I know I promised my big news yesterday, so I am a big slacker- slap my hands!

Our miniature mare had her baby- we were not expecting her to foal until March- and we went to go to the store and driving past the corral I saw something on the ground and I made Jen stop- I thought it was a dead cat- so I jumped out of the truck and ran towards this lump on the ground- and it moved- I yelled "it's alive" I was so happy to see a baby horse and nothing dead.

I am a little bummed- ok a lot bummed because I wanted to see her girl birth- but we were not expecting the baby for a few weeks. Oh well- just thankful she is doing well.

It is a little girl and she is beautiful! She is a charcoal grey color and we named her Smores. Her Mom is named Mellow, like marsh mellow- so we thought that was a great name. All of our household animals are named after food- Root Beer, Ice Cube, Toast, Crouton- you get the picture. No the horse is not a household animal- but we just stuck with the theme.

So that is our big news- in the midst of all the bad and sad things that have been going on lately it is fun to have such a great surprise. God is good.

Smores with her Mommy

Look how happy Jen is with her new baby

Mommy is not sure about Jen holding her baby

Have you ever seen such a cute little horse?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not for the faint at heart

Does this gross anyone out as much as it does me? Bryce keeps getting the same toenail ingrown and the poor kid has to get it cut out. It is the most painful thing to watch. they actually put shots under his toenail to numb it up. Then they cut into the toenail to remove the part causing the pain. How do they do this you ask? Imagine the pain of having one side of the scissors shoved under your toe nail in order to cut it all the way down? Oh it just makes me want to pee a little. Then they clamp and yank the toenail out.

We take him to a local Dr. to have this done- and he is a funny Dr. He hums while he is inflicting this pain on my son- as he is giving the numbing shots he says things like, "I can make you talk." He really tries to make it not so bad. Bryce was saying, "Oh God" because of the pain and the DR. SAYS, "YES?"

Much to my surprise they say it has nothing to do with how the nail is cut- it has to do with how the bone grows. This is his second removal in 6 months- the next time they will kill the toe nail so it can't grow again.

The worst part of this whole thing is- he has track tomorrow and he wants to go. Last time he had football and continued playing. he is so much braver than I am. I would be at home, on pain pills, with my foot on a pillow- asking Jen to bring things to me because no way would I walk on this baby. Owwwweeeee!

I have a big surprise to show you all tomorrow- I was going to show you today- but then the toe issue happened and I knew it was my duty to gross everyone out!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Girls vs Boys

I admit I have always wanted a girl. I loved dolls as a kid. I would play for hours and hours with my dolls, and little sink and washer and dryer. I would play school and grade papers. I hated everything my brother was into- guns, GI Joe, Lego's. I was not prissy by any means- I would wear dresses but I don't remember wearing frilly dresses or anything.
I know my Mom loved having a girl too- she would sign me up for modeling classes, and eMiss Manners classes, we would have our hair done together, and our "colors" read to see what would look best on us. She would have loved Taya.
The boys were always pretty good, played with boy stuff- could care less about what they were wearing. I think they would wear the same clothes as long as they could get away with it.
My daughter changes her outfits 10 times a day. She has to pick out her own clothes, do her hair, she even puts her hand on her hip. If you ask her a question I think it annoys her to take time out of her busy day to answer you. She has colored on more walls with Sharpies then all 4 boys put together.
She loves dolls- and if she can't find a baby- then a puppy will do.
She is a handful- but I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tag your it....

I was tagged. My first time- I have been de-taginized! Thanks DaniKel.

The rules for this award:

1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.

2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Scrap.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.

3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

I am not sure how to link blogs- but I will give it my best shot.

First 10 honest things about myself- are you sure you guys really want to know more about me?????

1- I, like Tammy do not shave my legs very often in the winter. What's the point- if you are wearing pants who cares?

2- I can't sleep without sleeping pills- I have taken them since I was a teen. I can't turn my brain off enough to fall asleep- it just keeps thinking all the time and drives me crazy!

3- I grew up in CA. I am an Orange County girl.

4- I like cats a lot more than dogs.

5- Jen's driving makes me crazy- she is not one who can adjust the radio and drive- she drifts into on coming traffic.

6- I still miss my Mom- she has been gone for 15 years now and I still think about her everyday.

7- I don't ever wipe my butt- I like smelling like poop everywhere I go.
Just kidding I was testing you to see if you were really reading 10 things about me.

8- I have to sleep on the side of the bed furthest from the door.

9- My twins were triplets- one did not survive during the pregnancy.

10-I LOVE onions- I put them on everything.

11- Since number 7 was a joke I better post a tenth fact. I don't want bad tag karma for not following the directions.
I have a PhD. but I don't use it- never have, never will.

OK now for the blogs I find interesting:

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This is Jen's blog- so I better say it is my favorite. I bug her all the time to blog more- that is my only complaint!

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A fun family with lots of kids like us- so it is fun to read about their adventures.

Michelle's Path

She is the reason I started blogging- thanks Michelle!

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I know you will kill me for being tagged again- but Tammy and Mark sound like they are fun to be around- I think we would get a long great!

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Jason and Chad are new to blogging- so I want to de-tagonize them! I hope their journey for a baby is a quick one.

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I love their daughter's name- you will have to go see their blog to find out what it is. It is fun to watch other famlies.

Raising my Malia

Malia is a beautiful girl and her Mom has a great sense of humor.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We wish we had a swimming pool

My crazy kids. I swear boys are so wild. The boys got home from school and of course the hole was bigger. They can not just stand and look at it- they have to jump in it!

Trey and Dylan were doing cannon ball jumps and Trey begged me to let him do a back flip- is he crazy? I know he wants water to be in it- but the ground is hard.

In the spirit of all construction projects- we found a slight problem last night- the kitchen sink water was no longer draining outside- but into the basement instead- we also found the water drain was cut so I could not do laundry- now that just will not work, no sink or washer for 3 months? Luckily we have great construction guys and they fixed it as soon as we told them- so lucky me I can do laundry tonight. Toby "cleaned" his room last night- so Mom has lots of laundry to do. Does anyone else have kids that just throw everything in the laundry?

The good news is I did not find anymore of Jen's dead body bones today- so either she is hiding them better- or she has given up that hobby of killing people.

Toby- where did the steps go?

Dylan standing in Trey's new room

Dylan leaping into the hole

Trey leaping in the hole

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little strange thing happened while digging up our yard

The guys have been working on the new addition- and they really started digging today. Yesterday they moved the garage- so now the garage is sitting on a trailer to the side of our property- it is a little weird.
I can't get the pictures to load in the order so bear with me. You can see our side kitchen door is no longer able to be used because you would fall into a pit. Tomorrow they will dig some more- I think they have to go like 12 feet or something.
I will try to post pictures of the progress it is kind of fun to watch. These windows that are showing will both be closed up and new window's cut on the other side of the house.
Well the strange thing is that when they were digging they uncovered a bunch or bones- so perhaps Jen has been killing people and late at night while I am sleeping she is burying them in the yard? Or maybe our house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground? Nope to both- they are cow bones- but still it is freaky to know a cow decayed right next to our house!
By 4:00 the hole was quite a bit bigger
This is how things looked at noon

OK these bones freaked us out a bit- they dug them up

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Dylan showing off his snowplow moves
I had to snap this picture- this man is skiing with his 6 week old infant on his chest. For a long time we thought it was a doll because it did not move- but then she started crying so we knew she was real. I would never had been this brave- and I am a good skier.

We had a great time skiing. The boys had Monday off- so we hit the slopes. Trey and Bryce snowboarded and everyone else skied. Taya did a great job for her first time. She went down a hill, learned to walk in ski's and most importantly had fun- until she got cold.

Trey wanted to ski with Jen- but soon left her because she was too slow for him. Admittedly she is a cautious skier and takes 2 1/2 hours to get down 1 run. Ok maybe only 1 1/2 hours.

Toby is a die hard- he never stops- just goes up and down all day long. The boys are really good- I think all of them can do double black diamonds now.

Jen and I were not able to ski together because one of us was always with Taya- this was the only down fall- I do love to ski with her- but maybe next year.

It was a great family day- I am so fortunate that all my kids like hanging out with us- and we enjoy them as well.

Jen- took her ski's off too fast so I didn't get a picture of her with ski's on

Bryce snowboarding in for a landing

Toby- he has the snow plow mastered

Trey had more snow on him- then on the ground

Taya- first time skiing

Mom and Dylan in the lodge

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

The boys are away at 4h camp- so we just have Taya this weekend. Jen gave her a Valentine's gift last night.

This morning Jen and I were opening gifts to each other- I got her two blue ray movies (step Brother's and Pineapple Express) and she got me See's candy and new pajama's. Taya wakes up and wants to know where her present is. Not only does she want a present but she wants it wrapped in red. So Jen found her gift from the night before and wrapped it in red and gave it to her. I am not sure Taya was fooled by all this- but she stopped asking for a present. My daughter- it is hard to get one over on her.

We bred our male to a crazy ladies dog yesterday. She not only made us watch but we had to hold the dogs. This was a little weird for us- some people are way to involved in their dogs lives. Jen kept saying she felt like she was at a bar and thought she should have a drink in her hand.

We went to dinner last night at a restaurant we always forget about. The are closed every year for the month of January- and that is when I usually think about going. It is such good food. It is a farm, with a petting zoo, and buggy rides. They serve fried chicken and corn fritters and they are so good. I used to go here as a kid with my Grandparent's every Sunday after church when I was visiting them.

Today we are just going to hang out, watch movies, and have taco's. Tomorrow we have a big dog show and eye appointments for the dog's, pick up the boys from 4h camp, and bred our male again with the voyeur lady's dog. This time we will probably have to play soft music for them.

Hope everyone is having a great Valentine's and has someone to love on today.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Da Kine

Jen got a new baby. He came all the way from the country of Serbia and we got him last night. We have been on a waitinglist for a few years and we got a male in December but he got sick and died within a few days of coming here- the travel was too much on him- so this is our "replacement" puppy. He is cute- and has the same dad as puppy number 1- but I really wanted a big white male and he is more creme.

He will be big, he has a nice head and I am sure he will be fine- he has a great pedigree I am just trying to get over the idea of a big white male.

His name is Da Kine- like Dog the Bounty Hunter's bail bonds. We name all of our dogs Hawaiian names- my parents live on Maui- so we thought Da Kine would be a great name. So we have a puppy in the house again- to train. Always fun!

Today we got some snow- we have dance class and will be going to Denver for a breeding. Trey and Toby are going to 4H camp this weekend- so they will have a great time.

Bryce is talking to Vanessa again- you know how kids are- you watch they will get back together and she will stomp on his heart some more. Girls!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Crazy Husband

I am so fortunate. Jen and I have a great relationship- you often hear that a spouse is some one's best friend- but Jen truly is. We talk on the phone all the time when we are apart- and love being together.
She is a nut job though. She loves to laugh and to make other people laugh. Here she is goofing off acting like she is a porn star- nothing could be further from close to believable. She is so funny though. She gives the kids so much laughter- and combined with my snide sense of humor they make us laugh.
It has been nice having her home for the past 10 days or so- we have gotten so much done that we have put off around the farm- plus it is nice to have her to talk to.
There is a big dog show in Denver this weekend- so we will be going to that- plus we have folks coming from CA to pick out their puppy and one of our males is studding this weekend- I am also hoping to fit in a romantic Valentine's dinner sometime.
Normal Jen- I do love her
Trying to be funny and act like a porn star

I won't even go there....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dylan in his chonies!

Dylan dared me to post this picture of him. Not a good idea with a Mom like me- I will do it.

Not much going on here these days. I bought a really cool stand for scrapbook paper that has a dust cover- how cool is that? I am going to a 4 day scrapping retreat in march- so I will of course be bringing this. I love to scrapbook. I mean LOVE it. It is so relaxing.

Oh, the new addition construction is on hold until next week- man contractors live in their own world by their own schedules- and what are you going to do about it? You need them and they know it.

I gotta tell you something Jen did that drives me crazy. It made me think about Tammy and Mark. One day I guess she was trying to be nice and she got the mail on her way home- our mailbox is about 1/2 mile from the house. So she threw it on the dashboard and forgot to bring it in or tell me about it. Well, I never drive her truck- but tonight I was on my way to my group that I run on Wednesday night and I took the truck- I am not even sure why- but once in a blue moon I drive it. I found the mail- it was from January 20 something! Ugh she drives me crazy! It had a letter in it that I was complaining that I never got. Well I got it now.

The Twins did their Valentines candy things tonight to take to school. They get a 4 day weekend yeah. Monday we are going skiing- so I will post pictures of us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We went rollerskating!

One of the fun things about living in a small town are the traditional things that Urban families don't have time for anymore. We have a drive in a roller rink.

Saturday we took Taya for her first time rollerskating- she had a blast. I forgot my sock so I could not skate and Jen would not even try it- I would have loved to skate.

Everyone had a blast. The music is not as loud as I remember- and it just seemed so much cooler when I was a kid.

Taya tries out her new wheels
Trey and his best friend John- these kids will someday play Varsity football together
Taya is a nut job
Toby putting on his new wheels
The skater Princess

Monday, February 9, 2009

Updates on everything...

Big surprise in the mail today- thank you Michelle. I got my prize from her drawing. Bryce ate all the dried mango's and Taya has claimed the purse.
Speaking of Bryce- the breakup is going as well as can be expected. He has since found out more about his first love- but it doesn't heal the heart. There is nothing harder then holding your son while he sobs about someone who has broken his heart. It rips a mother's heart out to see your children hurt. In the end I know it will teach him a lot- and Jen tells him that someday the right girl will come around and he will forget all of this- but she has left a scar on his heart.
The puppies are doing great- everyone is growing and healthy.
I am feeling stronger each day- so I appreciate that.
They are starting on the new addition tomorrow- we are adding about 3000 square feet to our home. Two bedrooms and a huge kitchen/dining room. So in the future when I am complaining about the mess my house is in, remind me that I wanted to do this! :)
I think we are going to take the boys skiing on Monday because there is no school. We try to go every year and we have not had a chance yet this year.
Bryce ate the whole package Michelle sent of Mango candy
A two week old puppy- growing nicely

Taya giving Mama a big kiss!

Taya, Mama, and Leihua

Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Love...

I knew this day was coming- from the bottom of my toes to the tip of my head I dreaded it.
Over Christmas Bryce started Dating. Now dating is a loose term- but he got serious with a girl and they decided to only date each other. It has been interesting to watch him change. He wants to be with her all the time, thinks about doing things with her, they hold hands and kiss.
They text each other ALL THE TIME! He had over 5000 text messages last month. So we had the talk again about sex- just a refresher course. He assured me that I am crazy. I knowing how teen hormones run- just asked him to humor me.
The pictures below are of a dance they went to- Vanessa goes to another school- so she came over, got ready, and they went to Dairy Queen, and to the dance and then home. I appreciate the fact that her family is as freaky as I am about not leaving them alone to get into trouble.
Over Christmas break break Bryce begged me over and over again to let him transfer to her school. I of course, said no- and in his teenage mind I am certain he thinks I am trying to ruin his life. He went on and on about it like kids do when they get a crazy idea that they think will work. He was under the false assumption that he might be able to wear me down- little does he know that I wrote the book on teenage manipulation!
Things have been going well with Bryce and Vanessa- they are more serious then I would have wanted at this age- but it is a different world.
Then the bomb dropped. Out of the blue she texts him and uses the old line "let's just be friends." My son was crushed. It was heart breaking to see him sad and moping. Nothing hurts like your first love. I told him he gets a little easier once you get a few under your belt, but they all hurt. He is doing great- but as a Mother it crushes me to see him hurt- I want him to live in a bubble where mean girls that break hearts can't be near him.
Now we will wait until the next girl comes along and does the same thing, and so the pattern of the dating ritual begins.
Bryce and Vanessa before the dance All ready for the dance

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Superbowl Sunday!

I know, I know- the Superbowl was awhile ago- but I have not been up to blogging- so I am catching up and I took these photos for a blog- so by God I am going to use them. :)

Have I ever mentioned I hate football? Well this is the first game I have sat through- I don't understand it- but it was nice company and we have a 73 inch TV that makes watching anything enjoyable!

Hope you all had a nice Superbowl Sunday too! Stop laughing at me!

Geri with her 3-d glasses on
Ann and her glasses

Jen- always a Bronco fan- even when they are not playing

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I have been sick

Sorry I have not blogged in awhile I have been sick- some of you may or may not know about a disease I have. Cyclical vomiting syndrome- sounds great huh? I don't talk about it much and I have done pretty well for the past few months- but all the stress of Jen losing her job, and the new addition being built, puppies dying, and everything else- it got me down. It took me down fast and hard. It took 2 trips to the ER for fluids and medication- but today I feel better- I can get up and function- so Praise God for that!

I know God has a new plan for us- that our lives are going to turn in another direction- I just have a hard time with blind faith. I am too controlling.

Great things are happening: Harper is home tonight after 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU what a blessing.

I just wanted to say Hi and that I am still alive- I will blog more tomorrow with pictures.