Friday, February 13, 2009

Da Kine

Jen got a new baby. He came all the way from the country of Serbia and we got him last night. We have been on a waitinglist for a few years and we got a male in December but he got sick and died within a few days of coming here- the travel was too much on him- so this is our "replacement" puppy. He is cute- and has the same dad as puppy number 1- but I really wanted a big white male and he is more creme.

He will be big, he has a nice head and I am sure he will be fine- he has a great pedigree I am just trying to get over the idea of a big white male.

His name is Da Kine- like Dog the Bounty Hunter's bail bonds. We name all of our dogs Hawaiian names- my parents live on Maui- so we thought Da Kine would be a great name. So we have a puppy in the house again- to train. Always fun!

Today we got some snow- we have dance class and will be going to Denver for a breeding. Trey and Toby are going to 4H camp this weekend- so they will have a great time.

Bryce is talking to Vanessa again- you know how kids are- you watch they will get back together and she will stomp on his heart some more. Girls!


  1. I love you honey, and my dog is so handsome.

    I also want you to take note that Malia's Mama thinks that I am beautiful, keep an eye on these girls honey. I am a wanted hunka hunka. Geeeerowl. lol
    I love you baby.