Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A little strange thing happened while digging up our yard

The guys have been working on the new addition- and they really started digging today. Yesterday they moved the garage- so now the garage is sitting on a trailer to the side of our property- it is a little weird.
I can't get the pictures to load in the order so bear with me. You can see our side kitchen door is no longer able to be used because you would fall into a pit. Tomorrow they will dig some more- I think they have to go like 12 feet or something.
I will try to post pictures of the progress it is kind of fun to watch. These windows that are showing will both be closed up and new window's cut on the other side of the house.
Well the strange thing is that when they were digging they uncovered a bunch or bones- so perhaps Jen has been killing people and late at night while I am sleeping she is burying them in the yard? Or maybe our house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground? Nope to both- they are cow bones- but still it is freaky to know a cow decayed right next to our house!
By 4:00 the hole was quite a bit bigger
This is how things looked at noon

OK these bones freaked us out a bit- they dug them up


  1. Ok - so I would also be a bit freaked out about the bones - thank goodness they are cow!!

    I bet it is neat to watch all the changes as they take place. Can't wait to see more pic's!

  2. I'd be freaking out too! Reminds me of "The Burbs"...remember that movie?

  3. You have been tagged! Go to my blog for details!

    If you have already been tagged or do not want to participate - that is fine. I just wanted you to know that I think your blog is great!

  4. I'm jealous...I want a swimming pool!