Monday, February 9, 2009

Updates on everything...

Big surprise in the mail today- thank you Michelle. I got my prize from her drawing. Bryce ate all the dried mango's and Taya has claimed the purse.
Speaking of Bryce- the breakup is going as well as can be expected. He has since found out more about his first love- but it doesn't heal the heart. There is nothing harder then holding your son while he sobs about someone who has broken his heart. It rips a mother's heart out to see your children hurt. In the end I know it will teach him a lot- and Jen tells him that someday the right girl will come around and he will forget all of this- but she has left a scar on his heart.
The puppies are doing great- everyone is growing and healthy.
I am feeling stronger each day- so I appreciate that.
They are starting on the new addition tomorrow- we are adding about 3000 square feet to our home. Two bedrooms and a huge kitchen/dining room. So in the future when I am complaining about the mess my house is in, remind me that I wanted to do this! :)
I think we are going to take the boys skiing on Monday because there is no school. We try to go every year and we have not had a chance yet this year.
Bryce ate the whole package Michelle sent of Mango candy
A two week old puppy- growing nicely

Taya giving Mama a big kiss!

Taya, Mama, and Leihua


  1. Glad Bryce is doing better....poor kid. Love the pictures!

  2. Congrats on being the big winner!! :o)

    Glad Bryce is doing better. And also glad that the puppies are doing so good!

  3. Im so glad Bryce is getting through his first breakup. Perhaps the mangoes helped? I'll send more if he would like. Just let me know.

    Give those baby pups a kiss on the nose for me. I just like baby pup's breath smell and their noses.

    Love the pic of Taya kissing Mama.