Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dance Diva-NOT!

I am afraid that my poor daughter has inherited my two left feet- the poor child just does not get dance- when the group is going left- she is twirling to the beat of her own drum to the right and in a different outfit, another stage, another planet, and just not with the group.

This is year three in dance- we have tried tap, ballet, jazz, and now hip hop. I feel for the child- but we love her teacher and we really want her to be in some activity so we will stick it out for a few more years- besides we get great recital pictures like this of her:

and in the picture- she looks like a dance diva and that is all that really matters right?

Perhaps, I am not American....

because I think I am the only person in the US who does not enjoy, nor understand football. I know, I know it is crazy. I have 4 sons who play and I just don't get it try as I might. There are too many rules and positions and it is complicated and dumb. I love baseball- but football not so much. I also hate to be cold and football is played, at least part of the season in the snow!

Football has started this week, and we went to Toby's first game yesterday- he is number 32. It looks painful, and taking pictures is difficult when I can't follow the stupid ball- the fakes outs get me every time. Last year he was a running back and made a lot of touch downs- this I know. Now this year he is bigger, in 8th grade he is 5'11" and 175 pounds, and a size 15 wide shoe- I know this is big so he is a full back- which I guess does not make touchdowns because he is bigger and can't run as fast.

Then I guess he plays another position on offense or defense- which I told my parents was point guard and they informed me this was the wrong sport- so I had to ask Toby again what position it was and it is nose guard, OK stupid name- still not really sure what that does but at least I know the position name.

I have had people try to explain the game to me- but I just don't think my brain has room for the information- I am slowly getting some of it though- like I know when our team is running with the ball to cheer- but I just have to admit, I will never be a football fan.

Pictures from the first game below- can't give you any comments because I know not what I do....

This picture however looks like he is trying to choke out some much smaller child and I am just not sure that is very nice.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Now the baby!

So, the Princess started Kindergarten. She had a full week off from when her brothers started. She was very excited and I did not even cry, perhaps because I have done it 5 times, or that she went to Pre school for two years, or that I am so looking forward to some much needed free time- but for whatever reason I was just as happy as she was on the first day!

She loves her backpack and now wants a lunch box.

I think Jen was more emotional then I was, even took the whole morning off from work

She looks so grown up getting her breakfast tray and all

In front of her new class. Mrs. Miller is her teacher, Dylan had her in third grade and we sure love her.

Finally to her desk to color.

I love you baby girl- enjoy school and Mama will miss you and have more energy for you after school. Stop growing up so fast my little darling.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School 2011

First day back at school for the boys. While I would like more time with them, I also know they missed their friends and routine.

Bryce is 17 and a Senior. Still not able to drive because I am the mean mom and require "C" grades or better. He hates me I am sure. The day after school started I had his wisdom teeth pulled.

This is Toby. He is 13 and in the 8th grade. He has all GT classes and is already playing football with his team.

This is crazy Trey. He is 11 and in the 6th grade- this child was blessed with get sporting ability and he is quite the ladies man!

Dylan, also 11 and in the 6th grade- he is a love bug- playing football, wrestling, baseball and whatever else sounds fun.

Not sure where all the time went- they are growing up so fast!

Puppies, puppies, and more puppies!

Because we just do not have enough to do around here- we decided to try home artificial insemination- WHAT? yes, you read that right. You see, we have a male who is just too tired to "do it"- he looks at us like- really? You want me to chase her around and get stuck with her for 20 min? I think not. We have had many missed breeding's with him because he is a lazy SOB- (oh did I say that out loud?). So Jen did an Internet search and found out how to collect a sample on You Tube- you can find anything on there. We used a zip lock bag and inseminated a female twice- and look what we made:

Oh my aren't they beautiful? A litter of 10- split exactly 5 girls and 5 boys. So excited that we were able to do this!

Well then we had 6 more females come into heat- because dogs are just like woman and they cycle together- so not sure if this would work we bred 2 females. Litter one was due on August 17th, litter 2 was due Aug 26th, and litter three August 28th- nicely spaced apart and life was go- so we wait. All three ladies took and the babies grew. The AI litter was the one due in the middle on the 26th.

So, litter one has been holding her puppies and not delivering- it happens sometimes- but yesterday on the 23rd- AI litter decides to come early- ok I got this- thus the 10 beauties above.

Finished cleaning all that mess up- when the late litter decides it is time to come- see below- she had 6 pups 4 girls and two boys.

OK, we are good- I walk into my bathroom and I hear babies crying- so I go to check on the 10 from litter one- when I see the female due on the 28th has just dropped a pup- seriously? is this happening 3 litters in one day? OK, no time to think, here we go- she had 9 pups- 7 boys and 2 girls!

So, now I have 25 newborn babies to take care of- CRAZY! The good news is that 17 of them are already sold- but I may be bald in 8 weeks.

Thankful for my blessings, and all in all I was in the mode so delivering one right after the other wasn't so bad- at least they were all not birthing at one because I would not have been able to do that. We have to help deliver each puppy, cut the cords, dry them off etc. so it is a lot of work.

Now that all the kids are in school, I needed something to do right?

Monday, August 1, 2011

lovin the water

Jen took the boys up to camp and Taya wanted to go-an 8 hour car ride is hard on a little girl so Jen stopped to play a little- they enjoyed getting their toes wet Love these girls.

This child loves the water

Oh, and Jen bought her a toilet candy- really? Like Dip a stick- you put the powder in the bowl and dip the sucker in the powder- a sick person thought of this and en even sicker person let her daughter buy it!