Friday, August 26, 2011

Now the baby!

So, the Princess started Kindergarten. She had a full week off from when her brothers started. She was very excited and I did not even cry, perhaps because I have done it 5 times, or that she went to Pre school for two years, or that I am so looking forward to some much needed free time- but for whatever reason I was just as happy as she was on the first day!

She loves her backpack and now wants a lunch box.

I think Jen was more emotional then I was, even took the whole morning off from work

She looks so grown up getting her breakfast tray and all

In front of her new class. Mrs. Miller is her teacher, Dylan had her in third grade and we sure love her.

Finally to her desk to color.

I love you baby girl- enjoy school and Mama will miss you and have more energy for you after school. Stop growing up so fast my little darling.


  1. I take off 2 days from blogging and you put out three posts. C'mon! I'm glad you kids are back to school and that Taya is a beauty.
    All those puppies. My Golden, Roman, is 13 now and getting older every day. It will break my heart when he goes. It's nice to see life go on. m.

  2. She has that excited/scared/happy/not sure about this look they are so good at! Have fun!