Thursday, August 26, 2010


Toby is number 39- now I have all four boys on 4 different football teams! Since I am not a big fan of the sport- it should be a fun season! :)

I figured out the other day- if each child needs to go two places a day, and forgets just one item a day then I am making 45 car trips a day- ug!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer is ending...

Summer is my favorite time of the year- we just love the sun. When we go tot he lake- all our friends are sitting in the shade- and Jen and I have moved our chairs into the sun- we just can't get enough.

We went to the lake again this weekend. One more trip and then that is it- we will camp for Labor Day. School starts tomorrow. I really enjoy having the kids home- so I am bummed out that they have to go back already.

We finished up sports physicals today. Toby hurt his wrist in football already- so we need to go to the Dr. to get an x-ray later today.

I always remember people saying that kids grow up fast- but I am really starting to get it now- I just want time to stop- Bryce only has 2 years left- I have no kids in elementary school anymore- it is crazy!

Hope everyone else is enjoying these last few weeks or days of summer.

Root Beer loves to ride the jet ski

Look at this camping Diva mess!

Trey making some cookies

Toot Beer camping

Newest Lifeguard!

Monday, August 9, 2010


And the pointed toes!

Belly Flop

Notice the leg!

Taya is enjoying swimming lessons- the Twins on the other hand hate life because I am making them take a class to work on their stroke- lol!
School starts for us on Tuesday and so will the craziness- so I am trying to enjoy these last few days of summer. We are going to the lake this weekend and again for Labor Day- but then that is about it for this year! :(

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am giving up!

So, I am frustrated and tired today- it was a long day, Taya was being a brat- school clothes shopping with Toby is painful to say the least- I get home and go to give the dogs fresh water, spray for grasshoppers, and water the trees- outside maybe an hour- while Taya was inside with Jen and Dylan- I come in and her room looks like this!

I asked her time and time again to clean her room, and she said she did not feel like it-
So I bagged up most of the toys, a lot of her clothes- and I am dropping them off tonight to get rid of them. Taya was screaming and crying and telling me I was so mean.

Here are 4 of the 6 bags.

and now her room looks like this! I am much happier- and she has 6 bags of crap less to mess it up with!
Some days- like today I try to remind myself that this won't last forever- I was really grouchy with Jen because I am tired of doing it all- but she is leaving for work again- so now I get to tackle the living room- which looks almost as bad as Taya's room used to.
Bryce gets off work at midnight- and since I am a mean Mom and won't let him get his license I have to go get him- so I can't even go to bed and pull the covers over my head and try to forget about this horrible day!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slowly but shurly

we are making some bathroom progress..... The contractor told Jen he wanted more money and she said that we have given them half- and when it is done they will get the rest- so they are working a bit faster now.

New tub roughed in

New 5 foot shower- at least I will be able to move a little.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Destroying another bathroom

This shower is way to small!

This tub is too big!

So bye, bye tub...

and bye bye shower!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Horrible Day- but cute kitties

So yesterday was a horrible day. Root Beer got locked in our tack room by accident. This is a very small room with no windows and no fresh air- so it gets really hot like a car would. When I found her she was passed out and limp. I pulled her out and drenched her in cool water, took her inside in the a/c and after 40 mins still nothing.

I called my neighbor who is a nurse, because I did not know what to do- I was waiting for the Vet to call back- so she came over and then I lost it- Root Beer was panting so hard- and it was just so awful- I was sure she would die- and I was pissed because she was locked in there and I did not know- and so many emotions were flooding me. Dylan and I were just bawling, sure this was the end- Toby has no emotion- he does not like animals and poor Trey was trying to help.

So, we hurried her to the Vet- she was not opening her eyes or responding in any way. he put her on fluids- and I was freaking out- because he was not moving fast enough. I was crying and I did not want to know how bad it was. He put the IV on full blast- gave her some other medications to help her brain from swelling- and took her temp- we got it down to 92! 102 is normal- so now we had to warm her up! We put her on a heating pad- and she opened her eyes- after a few hours she was wagging her tail and I have never been happier. Finally he sent her home with a new IV bag after I told him there was no way she was staying at the Vet so don't even ask.

Once we got home- Root Beer was tired of the IV- so when it was about 3/4 empty I took it out- she went outside and is slowly getting her sea legs back. I am so thankful- I had nightmares all night about her being in that room, and what she was thinking, and I know it is all not rational but I feel like shit.

I spend more time in a day/week with Root Beer then anyone else in my life and I am thankful she is OK. I know most folks don't really like her- because she is a grouchy old dog- but I sure love her.

On a better note- look how cute the kittens are sleeping together.