Monday, August 2, 2010

Horrible Day- but cute kitties

So yesterday was a horrible day. Root Beer got locked in our tack room by accident. This is a very small room with no windows and no fresh air- so it gets really hot like a car would. When I found her she was passed out and limp. I pulled her out and drenched her in cool water, took her inside in the a/c and after 40 mins still nothing.

I called my neighbor who is a nurse, because I did not know what to do- I was waiting for the Vet to call back- so she came over and then I lost it- Root Beer was panting so hard- and it was just so awful- I was sure she would die- and I was pissed because she was locked in there and I did not know- and so many emotions were flooding me. Dylan and I were just bawling, sure this was the end- Toby has no emotion- he does not like animals and poor Trey was trying to help.

So, we hurried her to the Vet- she was not opening her eyes or responding in any way. he put her on fluids- and I was freaking out- because he was not moving fast enough. I was crying and I did not want to know how bad it was. He put the IV on full blast- gave her some other medications to help her brain from swelling- and took her temp- we got it down to 92! 102 is normal- so now we had to warm her up! We put her on a heating pad- and she opened her eyes- after a few hours she was wagging her tail and I have never been happier. Finally he sent her home with a new IV bag after I told him there was no way she was staying at the Vet so don't even ask.

Once we got home- Root Beer was tired of the IV- so when it was about 3/4 empty I took it out- she went outside and is slowly getting her sea legs back. I am so thankful- I had nightmares all night about her being in that room, and what she was thinking, and I know it is all not rational but I feel like shit.

I spend more time in a day/week with Root Beer then anyone else in my life and I am thankful she is OK. I know most folks don't really like her- because she is a grouchy old dog- but I sure love her.

On a better note- look how cute the kittens are sleeping together.

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  1. Oh Kate, how terrible. I couldnt imagine the feeling. Keep in mind how happy and healthy she is now.