Sunday, August 30, 2009

More first day of school pictures

OK I finally have pictures of the other two on the first day of school. Taya is on the wait list- so we have to wait until a kid stops going or moves- so keep your fingers crossed.

I am so not ready for summer to be over- I still want the kids home.

I was sick on Friday- Trey came home Weds with the flu and he must have given it to me- and my body sent me into an episode- so off tot he ER I went for meds and fluids- I am so sick of being a burden. Jen is great but it has to get old- it does for me. I can't imagine living my life for the next 50 years with this disease- I try to be positive but sometimes I can't.

Taya wanted her picture taken- although she is on the wait list.

Bryce ready for school- he is going with the all white look

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taya's first OB visit

Well we went to the OB today for Jen's annual-(she will love that I just put that out there to the world)- anyway Taya had to go potty- so she was doing her thing and on the way out she saw a stack of pretty pink cups- so she got herself a drink of water. I did not think anything of it until Jen pointed out it was a collection cup. Please note it was a clean cup.

So while Jen was freaking out I was laughing so hard that she was drinking from a pee cup- I just had to get a picture for my blog. I am such a cruel Mom- everything is put on my blog I swear!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Thanks to everyone for your support on my upset customer post. Just so you know I offered to return her money and take Grady back- but she won't give him back. I can only hope he will grow on her. She sounds like an angry woman- pray for her. :)

The boys have started football- I will have to post pictures of them with their pads on- I am not a big football fan and this is the first year that I have let Toby play because of his heart- so we will see how it goes. Jen says it can't be any harder then wrestling.

The boys are all in school now- still waiting to hear if Taya got into preschool.

My "Best friend/neighbor" has gone Bi-polar again and is not speaking to me- oh the drama- I am over it- why to adults have to act like children? She is pissed because I talked to her Ex- oh and Jen called her a "Bitch" :)

My favorite golden had puppies and we kept the best looking female- I have posted her picture below- we name all our goldens Hawaiian names- so she is Pau- (Pow) so the kids wanted to call her Boom Boom Pau- I like it.

I really wanted to go to the 4-corners for Labor day- but football is screwing up the last few weeks of summer- so I guess we will have a BBQ here. I have decided to have friends over for game night once a month- anyone have any group game suggestions?

Taya being a goof- she has to wear plaid like her brothers

Toby at the lake

Taya on the tube- she likes to go "Past"- she can't say "F's" because she has no front teeth- so she says "Past"

This is the new puppy we are keeping- isn't she beautiful? Her name is Boom Boom Pau

I made these for Jen and the kids when they get home from football as a surprise!

Upset Customer

I got the rudest e-mail from a customer that I want to share with you, I feel so sad for this puppy- because this person just sounds horrible to me. I have asked her to return him to us- but she won't:

We bought a dog from you and are very disappointed-
For the first six weeks we hand fed him boiled organic chicken breast, rice and Pedialyte because he was a picky eater and I slept on the floor with him to make sure he kept quiet. Also, he would sit with his head hanging down and every time he would raise his head he would grunt and snort, he sounds like he is growling at people and it scares them. He shows no interest in surroundings or smells like horses or cows or other dogs, it is like nothing bothers him or he is too stupid to notice the other animals. By process of elimination and much work with the Vets, we found out that he is completely allergic to all corn and corn byproducts. None of the three Vets have been able to pinpoint the grunting/snorting problem and have suggested acupuncture and/or going to CSU which we haven't done yet. He is in a harness outside instead of a collar so there is no pressure on his neck and nothing inside. None of the Vets will put him under anesthetic to neuter him because he had allergic reactions to his puppy and permanent shots, so it looks like we will have to keep him intact. (he is under our constant supervision so I don't think there is a problem)

I agree that he is a good looking dog with a good looking head although after seeing his parents I don't think the muzzle/jowls is what you would have wanted and he is actually smaller than his mother. Maybe it is just Grady, but he does not retain commands or vocabulary and has been very slow to reach stages of maturity. I work with him every day and it's like starting over every day. We have talked to two come-to-the-house-trainers but neither really wants to work with this breed. So, it has been a long 10 months and we still have a dumb dog who is apparently going to remain snorty and dumb and we have a bleak outlook for improvement in intelligence.

No, he has not turned out to be what we expected but we still chose him to be in our home and will have to adjust to what he is . It is similar to having a retarded child- we will deal with him. I do not want to return him because I made the commitment to have this dog. I have since gotten feedback that I am expecting too much from a European Golden as they are known to not be very bright. I was comparing this pup to 30 years of American Goldens and their development and I did not know that these could not be trained the same way.

His muzzle is too short and jowls too long. He can hardly get a decent drink or water without it falling out of his mouth even with raised dishes. I told my Vet that this dog is "slow"and what did they know about this kind of dog. The above info is what I received. I will now proceed accordingly.

I believe that this puppy was the last in the litter for a reason we were the suckers that got him. You knew he was stupid and ugly and you still sold him to us.

He is a year old and still drools and is impossible to potty train because he is so stupid. He has not developed properly physically, he weighs 60 pounds at one year and is the most stupid canine I have had in 55 years. He can't even chase a ball- he just watches it roll away from him.

I would never, ever recommend your operation to anyone and I have given that information to the Golden Clubs in this area.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

The only phrase that comes to mind is...."Mean people suck" Poor Grady.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School 2009/2010

So today school started. Why do they start in the middle of the week? I am not ready for school to start- I need it to be June. I still have trips to the lake I want to take, and spend more time with the kids. I hate that football cuts my summer short- I can't even go away for Labor Day because of football. I want to go tot he lake this weekend and play but I have three puppies leaving! I am stomping my feet!

Toby is in 6th grade- I remember 6th grade- it was when my parents got divorced and three days later my father re-married. I was so boy crazy and really wanting to have a boyfriend- hormones were raging. At the same time- I had a big crush on two girls in my class- but I didn't know what it all meant.

Trey and Dylan started 4th grade. Trey is still so much bigger then Dylan- it must suck to have your twin be bigger then you are- be able to ride carnival rides before you can- my poor Dylan. Speaking of Dylan- Bryce offered to show him how to ride the dirt bike- but neglected to tell him about the clutch- so straight into the barbed wire fence he drove. 2 stitches and 3 steri strips later he is as good as new. We had not been to the ER for a month or so- so I guess it was time.

I have been watching Jon and Kate plus 8- Wow what what a train wreck! I think Jen and I need a reality show- two lezzies and a handful of kids? Would anyone watch it? :)

Bryce does not start school until Friday- again what is the point? Why not wait until Monday? He will be a Sophomore- that means only one more year of school pictures and then he will have Senior pictures- weird.

We have signed Taya up for Pre-school but she is on the waiting list- please say a prayer that she gets in- she already has her backpack ready to go and her little heart will break if she is not picked for school.

Jen was gone for a day to go drop off some dogs for a show and I went crazy missing her- now she has lost her voice and does not feel very good. Pray for healing for her as well.

Trey is normal

Dylan is into this wetting down his hair thing

Toby is growing out his hair- and it looks like straw

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Zucchini Bread

This really nice lady on facebook that lives in a nearby town gave me a bunch of zucchini from her garden- so I made some bread and Taya was a big help!

She is still in the goggle phase- we just go with it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trey is so gross

I have to tell you about my gross son Trey. He eats the weirdest food. Today we went swimming and there was a food cart there- the kids are getting healthy snacks like mango on a stick, the little ones are getting ring pops, and trey gets a cup of corn? OK I thought it was a little strange but whatever- so I had him some money.

Then he comes over to me holding this gross cup of orange colored juice with corn floating in it. What is that Trey? It is corn in a cup of course- silly me. It is corn, butter, MAYONNAISE, and chili sauce- who in their right mind decided mayonnaise would be good on corn?

The boys are all going through a plaid phase- so they are all sporting new shorts for school. I cannot believe school starts in a week and a half- I am not ready- I still want to go to the lake, and go camping, and to 4 corners, and hang out in the pool, and on and on. I don't want them to go back to school yet!

Trey sporting his new plaid shorts

Trey eating that gross concoction

I just see his arteries clogging

Why would anyone think this looks good?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Pergola

The Pergola is done- they just have some finishing work to do like rehang the lights and some trim on the 4x4's but the house is starting to come together. Of course it is too late to get grass in this year from all the damage the construction did- but baby steps.

The guy building the pergola fell and broke his wrist on the first day- so Bryce has been his hands for him- and I must say he did a good job for his first real project- I am proud of him. I know he is over it- after working long hours in the sun during his summer break.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dancing Queen

My daughter makes me laugh- here she is wearing Trey's jock strap and her dive mask doing a dance for us. If she only knew that someday these will be great pictures for her yearbook or her wedding slide show. Oh she is so going to kill us for capturing this on film! :)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I got caught up on laundry and we had the whole season of Harper's Island on out DVR- so we got through about 1/2 of it- pretty good show.