Monday, August 24, 2009

Upset Customer

I got the rudest e-mail from a customer that I want to share with you, I feel so sad for this puppy- because this person just sounds horrible to me. I have asked her to return him to us- but she won't:

We bought a dog from you and are very disappointed-
For the first six weeks we hand fed him boiled organic chicken breast, rice and Pedialyte because he was a picky eater and I slept on the floor with him to make sure he kept quiet. Also, he would sit with his head hanging down and every time he would raise his head he would grunt and snort, he sounds like he is growling at people and it scares them. He shows no interest in surroundings or smells like horses or cows or other dogs, it is like nothing bothers him or he is too stupid to notice the other animals. By process of elimination and much work with the Vets, we found out that he is completely allergic to all corn and corn byproducts. None of the three Vets have been able to pinpoint the grunting/snorting problem and have suggested acupuncture and/or going to CSU which we haven't done yet. He is in a harness outside instead of a collar so there is no pressure on his neck and nothing inside. None of the Vets will put him under anesthetic to neuter him because he had allergic reactions to his puppy and permanent shots, so it looks like we will have to keep him intact. (he is under our constant supervision so I don't think there is a problem)

I agree that he is a good looking dog with a good looking head although after seeing his parents I don't think the muzzle/jowls is what you would have wanted and he is actually smaller than his mother. Maybe it is just Grady, but he does not retain commands or vocabulary and has been very slow to reach stages of maturity. I work with him every day and it's like starting over every day. We have talked to two come-to-the-house-trainers but neither really wants to work with this breed. So, it has been a long 10 months and we still have a dumb dog who is apparently going to remain snorty and dumb and we have a bleak outlook for improvement in intelligence.

No, he has not turned out to be what we expected but we still chose him to be in our home and will have to adjust to what he is . It is similar to having a retarded child- we will deal with him. I do not want to return him because I made the commitment to have this dog. I have since gotten feedback that I am expecting too much from a European Golden as they are known to not be very bright. I was comparing this pup to 30 years of American Goldens and their development and I did not know that these could not be trained the same way.

His muzzle is too short and jowls too long. He can hardly get a decent drink or water without it falling out of his mouth even with raised dishes. I told my Vet that this dog is "slow"and what did they know about this kind of dog. The above info is what I received. I will now proceed accordingly.

I believe that this puppy was the last in the litter for a reason we were the suckers that got him. You knew he was stupid and ugly and you still sold him to us.

He is a year old and still drools and is impossible to potty train because he is so stupid. He has not developed properly physically, he weighs 60 pounds at one year and is the most stupid canine I have had in 55 years. He can't even chase a ball- he just watches it roll away from him.

I would never, ever recommend your operation to anyone and I have given that information to the Golden Clubs in this area.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

The only phrase that comes to mind is...."Mean people suck" Poor Grady.


  1. Im so so so sad for him! Do you think if you offer them money they will give him back to you? He sounds like he depressed being with them... This made me want to cry. I can only imagine how they treat him...

  2. I agree with Tina. It sounds like he is in a major depression. (After listening to the attitude of the owner, who wouldn't be.)

    You must be sick over it.

  3. I am just sick of the email. Just sick. Poor poor Grady. It is obvious that he is not getting the love he needs.

  4. Oh wow. How sad. I can't believe people. Poor Grady. I wish they would give him back.

  5. Oh my God. I dont even know what to say or think. Im stunned!

  6. oh darn....I didnt want to read this. that poor little dog. How can people be so cruel. I am so sorry you had to get mail like that but as they say "take it from its coming from"...she sounds like a nutcase. I feel so bad for that poor dog.

    " It is similar to having a retarded child- we will deal with him."

    that one line says it all to me. Mind you, I am a dog lover, but to compare a dog to a child and then say "we will deal with him", really gives an insight on this people.

    Can you imagine for a minute if Grady was their 'special needs child'...OMG.

    If you think about it, a 51A would be filed on them if grady was a child, wonder if they can do that for animals.

    what a horrible person is the only thing that comes to my mind.

  7. OMG! What a horrible, HORRIBLE (and if i could make my letters bigger i would) HORRIBLE woman! How DARE she insult that dog like that? She is not FIT to be a Doggy Parent! I think you should call the authorities on this person. She's probably abusing that poor dog!!

    (sorry, I came here from Michelle's Path and was looking through your blog a bit before I said hi and this post I can't even contain myself! As an animal lover, especially dogs, I am just horrified that someone would be so mean!)