Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taya's first OB visit

Well we went to the OB today for Jen's annual-(she will love that I just put that out there to the world)- anyway Taya had to go potty- so she was doing her thing and on the way out she saw a stack of pretty pink cups- so she got herself a drink of water. I did not think anything of it until Jen pointed out it was a collection cup. Please note it was a clean cup.

So while Jen was freaking out I was laughing so hard that she was drinking from a pee cup- I just had to get a picture for my blog. I am such a cruel Mom- everything is put on my blog I swear!


  1. lol, that is great. I put everything on my blog too so dont worry.
    thanks again for nick's package. i still didnt get that email you mentioned yesterday, or the day before. i forget now. everyday seems the same now a days!

  2. That's awesome! Too funny! Thanks for sharing everythng. :)

  3. lol...there are a quite a few things you can do with a pee cup besides pee in them.

    I remember my younger son was digging on the beach and when I went to see what he was using, it was a 'womens product'...lol.