Sunday, August 30, 2009

More first day of school pictures

OK I finally have pictures of the other two on the first day of school. Taya is on the wait list- so we have to wait until a kid stops going or moves- so keep your fingers crossed.

I am so not ready for summer to be over- I still want the kids home.

I was sick on Friday- Trey came home Weds with the flu and he must have given it to me- and my body sent me into an episode- so off tot he ER I went for meds and fluids- I am so sick of being a burden. Jen is great but it has to get old- it does for me. I can't imagine living my life for the next 50 years with this disease- I try to be positive but sometimes I can't.

Taya wanted her picture taken- although she is on the wait list.

Bryce ready for school- he is going with the all white look


  1. Holy Cow...when did Bryce start looking so grown up?

    Please get better Kate. And Im sure its totally safe for me to tell you that you are not a burden to Jen.

  2. Great pictures. Your family is beautiful.

  3. here is where we want the summer to be longer, im throwing parties that its

  4. I am sure that you are not a burden on Jen at all. she loves you, and that also means I am sure she loves taken care of you.

    Geez - how old is Bryce now - like 22?!! He looks so grown up!

    And Taya is just as cute as ever!