Monday, August 24, 2009


Thanks to everyone for your support on my upset customer post. Just so you know I offered to return her money and take Grady back- but she won't give him back. I can only hope he will grow on her. She sounds like an angry woman- pray for her. :)

The boys have started football- I will have to post pictures of them with their pads on- I am not a big football fan and this is the first year that I have let Toby play because of his heart- so we will see how it goes. Jen says it can't be any harder then wrestling.

The boys are all in school now- still waiting to hear if Taya got into preschool.

My "Best friend/neighbor" has gone Bi-polar again and is not speaking to me- oh the drama- I am over it- why to adults have to act like children? She is pissed because I talked to her Ex- oh and Jen called her a "Bitch" :)

My favorite golden had puppies and we kept the best looking female- I have posted her picture below- we name all our goldens Hawaiian names- so she is Pau- (Pow) so the kids wanted to call her Boom Boom Pau- I like it.

I really wanted to go to the 4-corners for Labor day- but football is screwing up the last few weeks of summer- so I guess we will have a BBQ here. I have decided to have friends over for game night once a month- anyone have any group game suggestions?

Taya being a goof- she has to wear plaid like her brothers

Toby at the lake

Taya on the tube- she likes to go "Past"- she can't say "F's" because she has no front teeth- so she says "Past"

This is the new puppy we are keeping- isn't she beautiful? Her name is Boom Boom Pau

I made these for Jen and the kids when they get home from football as a surprise!

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  1. I just love Boom Boom Pau! Absolutely love her!!

    Gryfinn has a hard time with fast - although, when he is saying faster - it comes out like baster! haha

    The choco strawberries look YUMMY!