Sunday, August 9, 2009

Trey is so gross

I have to tell you about my gross son Trey. He eats the weirdest food. Today we went swimming and there was a food cart there- the kids are getting healthy snacks like mango on a stick, the little ones are getting ring pops, and trey gets a cup of corn? OK I thought it was a little strange but whatever- so I had him some money.

Then he comes over to me holding this gross cup of orange colored juice with corn floating in it. What is that Trey? It is corn in a cup of course- silly me. It is corn, butter, MAYONNAISE, and chili sauce- who in their right mind decided mayonnaise would be good on corn?

The boys are all going through a plaid phase- so they are all sporting new shorts for school. I cannot believe school starts in a week and a half- I am not ready- I still want to go to the lake, and go camping, and to 4 corners, and hang out in the pool, and on and on. I don't want them to go back to school yet!

Trey sporting his new plaid shorts

Trey eating that gross concoction

I just see his arteries clogging

Why would anyone think this looks good?


  1. R u kidding? I have a 14 year old son and 16 year old daughter who loves that stuff. Whenever we go to the Mexican market they beg for money for those things and then try to out top each other with the hot sauce and powdered chili sauce. (Who can make theirs the hottest and still actually eat it.)

    Actually, it's quite tasty if you don't go overboard on the hot sauce.

  2. Oh my... ummm... I am with you on this one!!!

  3. Oh my goodness.....boys..........

  4. I haven't been blog hopping in forever, and it's weird that I was ON your blog when you commented on mine :) The jock strap posts are hysterical. Sorry about the sad things in your life...
    And you had surgery too? Puking is fun, eh? I can now do it while driving, into a paper cup, and barely think about it!!

  5. Oh my! That's disgusting!!

    Loved your comment about Mark in a dress. :) That gave him quite a laugh. :)

  6. big munckin is known for 'making a new recipe' plaid is the new