Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Some kids play with human friends, some kids play with dogs, my daughter plays with a goat!

Birthday pictures to come soon. I am going scrapbooking for 4 days yeah!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can you say suckers?

We live in a great small town- where if you get busy- there is always someone else who will take your kids to soccer, or football- or call you and see if you can pick up their kids. This happened on Monday- a friend needed us to take and pick up her son from baseball while she ran some errands in another town about an hour away.

So we went to get "T" for baseball and when we pulled up he was playing with his goat "Flower" in his front yard- not such an unusual sight where we live. I asked "T" if it was his 4-H goat and he said yes- but that his Dad was going to make him sell Flower to the neighbor's for Easter dinner. I understand that people eat goats- but not our children's goats. I said that would not happen- and when I picked him up from baseball I paid him the $50.00 going rate for Easter Flower and said we would get her the next day.

We have a goat- so what is the big deal to have one more? "T" was very sweet when we picked her up- he loaded her in our horse trailer, followed us to our farm to make sure she got settled OK- and life was good. Until Flower decided to jump out of the pen, over and over. We are figuring our ways to keep her in her pen- but in the meantime Taya is enjoying her.

(Les L.- I know you are just laughing at this post)

Audio, the brown goat, is the one we had and Mellow is the little horse Taya is feeding

Taya riding Flower

Taya hugging Flower

It takes talent to pull off wearing jeweled Princess shoes in a horse corral!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wrestling Day

Dylan trying to do "The Cradle"

Trey doing the illegal headlock

Best buddies

Trey pinning the guy

Dylan- working hard for this pin
12 hours later- we have Trey with first place and Dylan with third. Glad this day is done. My butt hurts!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Not a whole lot going on- yet a lot going on. We are doing Track, baseball, wrestling, soccer, tap, jazz, ballet, and gymnastics. Bible Study and my DV group- all outside of the normal school day- so we are here and there.

I was just thinking about what a great day it was. O woke up and got the children to school, and spent about 1/2 hour just throwing balls and playing with 5 of our dogs on the back porch. Then I can inside and payed fetch with another one for a little while. I looked over on the bed- and Taya was sleeping with Root Beer and Teriyaki- just snug as a bug in a rug.

When we went to dance- we took three dogs with us. Toast enjoyed sticking her head out the window. I played with some of the cutest pups when I got home and was able to pet the Emu for a few minutes. Taya and I went for a ride on the 4 wheeler and stopped at the neighbors to talk to their llama and give her some loving. The whole time we could hear Charlie the goose honking at us for disrupting his quiet day. The horses and Audio our goat nayed at us to feed them, as we parked the 4 wheelers in the barn for the night.

On my way to bed tonight- I looked in and Taya and Toast are sacked out in her bed- and Domino is on the back of the couch. As I type this- Root Beer is keeping my feet warm, and Teriyaki is sleeping with Jen. I just love the animals in my life and I sure do appreciate them.

Tell me about your animals.

Root Beer- I have no idea why it is sideways

Puka will be leaving us at the end of the month because she won't breed

A wonderful puppy- still looking for a forever home

Da Kine- our new Russian CH that will be here in April- he looks like he has so much confidance.

Taya and Toast- ready for bed.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Park Day

The weather has been so nice and I have been promising Taya that we would go to the park- so today we went. It was a little too windy for me- but what do you do when you promised? The Twins wanted to go too- so that was fun.

Dylan on the slide

Trey and Tay Tay

I did not get to scrapbook yesterday because I had to take a pup to the airport- so I made up for it today and got 17 pages done! That is 110 so far this year- that makes me happy.

One of the pages I did today
I went ahead and signed up for the 4 day cropping weekend- not really sure what to do with Taya- but Jen says we will figure it out. I am so excited- I really, really, really- did I say really yet?- enjoy going and I get so much done. It is one of the only times I get to visit with friends and talk to adults for more then two sentences.

Jen's Mom had back surgery and things are not going well- she is back in the hospital because her stomach filled with air- OK weird- so they are draining the air out....
We sold a guy to a professional race car driver from Sweden- he was really nice and his wife was hot too. :)
Taya will be 4 in three weeks- how can that be? She wants to have a ladybug party- so I ordered 1500 lady bugs for the kids to put in bug catchers- it should be fun- the boys have not had a Birthday party for years.
Had a great conversation with Bryce last night- I am so thankful for our relationship- sometimes I am a bit freaked out by what he tells me- least he tells me stuff right?
Jen still loves her job at the prison- I have a funny story but will save it for tomorrow. :)