Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Can you say suckers?

We live in a great small town- where if you get busy- there is always someone else who will take your kids to soccer, or football- or call you and see if you can pick up their kids. This happened on Monday- a friend needed us to take and pick up her son from baseball while she ran some errands in another town about an hour away.

So we went to get "T" for baseball and when we pulled up he was playing with his goat "Flower" in his front yard- not such an unusual sight where we live. I asked "T" if it was his 4-H goat and he said yes- but that his Dad was going to make him sell Flower to the neighbor's for Easter dinner. I understand that people eat goats- but not our children's goats. I said that would not happen- and when I picked him up from baseball I paid him the $50.00 going rate for Easter Flower and said we would get her the next day.

We have a goat- so what is the big deal to have one more? "T" was very sweet when we picked her up- he loaded her in our horse trailer, followed us to our farm to make sure she got settled OK- and life was good. Until Flower decided to jump out of the pen, over and over. We are figuring our ways to keep her in her pen- but in the meantime Taya is enjoying her.

(Les L.- I know you are just laughing at this post)

Audio, the brown goat, is the one we had and Mellow is the little horse Taya is feeding

Taya riding Flower

Taya hugging Flower

It takes talent to pull off wearing jeweled Princess shoes in a horse corral!


  1. How sweet of you guys to take Flower!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Kayla would LOVE you forever if she got to play with your goat. While we in FL, I took her to the zoo and had a blast brushing the goats. To this day, she still talks about it. She was talking about it this morning actually and it was 2 months ago.

  3. Have to say that yes, you are suckers!! :o) But I think it is wonderful that you guys took Flower!

    And Taya is rocking the horse corral in her jeweled princess shoes!! haha Love it!!

  4. We're totally using our summer vacation to stay at your place! Entertainment for the dogs, the baby, and us!