Thursday, April 28, 2011

30 day Blog Challenge

Day #14- a picture you love....

Kids and dogs- really what is better than that? I love my family so much and I love living in the country with all our animals.


Some days parenting really sucks. I am going through one of those periods of hard parenting- I just want to get off this ride somedays. I know I will make it through the other side- but tonight- it does not feel like it.

On a side note- there is an 18 year old kid in our town that was driving and drinking and he hit an 80 year old woman and killed her. I am certainly not condoning drinking and driving, but I am so sad for him- for both famlies. He is 18 years old and his life is over- he has got to be so scared in jail. The woman's family is also grieving- just a tragic situation all the way around.

Sometimes life deals us hard lessons....trying to enjoy and appreciate what I have- even when I am struggling.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter 2011!

I know I am late- but better late than never. Happy Easter everyone. We had a great morning- opened baskets and presents, dyed eggs- I know this is a little late- but we are so busy this was the only time we had time and everyone was home with no sports!

Then we had an Easter Egg hunt- and turkey dinner. It was a nice holiday with just our family. Here are some pictures.

Taya- being a goof

It was pretty cold before the egg hunt- The extra kids are friends

Dying eggs

Dylan with his basket

Taya and Trey- so sweet!

30 Days of Blogging catch up

OK I have fallen behind- imagine that! So I am doing 3 days today!

Day 11- Favorite TV shows:

I like the gory stuff:
CSI- all of them
Criminal Minds
Without A Trace

I also like :
Judge Judy
Amazing Race

I only watch shows that I have recorded- I can't stand commercials and I have no patience for them.

Day #12- What you believe

OK, this could mean a lot of things- like Religion or what? I am going to go with what I know to be true- I will die before Jen will- I know this will be true. Don't ask me how- it is just something I am sure of.

Day #13- Goals

To catch up on the kids scrapbook albums
To be a great Mom and Spouse
To have grass in my yard
To go to NYC
To have all my kids Graduate from High School

OK, so I know I cheated by doing three days in 1- but I had to catch up- it was weighing on me!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

30 day blog challege Day #10

What scares you....

I thought this was an appropriate picture. What I am afraid of is my disease- Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome- in case you don't know what it is- here ya go:

What is cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS)?
CVS is characterized by episodes or cycles of severe nausea and vomiting that last for hours, or even days, that alternate with intervals with no symptoms.

Episodes can be so severe that a person has to stay in bed for days, unable to go to school or work. The exact number of people with CVS is unknown, but medical researchers believe more people may have the disorder than commonly thought. Because other more common diseases and disorders also cause cycles of vomiting, many people with CVS are initially misdiagnosed until other disorders can be ruled out. CVS can be disruptive and frightening not just to people who have it but to family members as well.

The Four Phases of CVS

CVS has four phases:

Symptom-free interval phase
This phase is the period between episodes when no symptoms are present.

Prodrome phase
This phase signals that an episode of nausea and vomiting is about to begin. Often marked by nausea —with or without abdominal pain—this phase can last from just a few minutes to several hours.

Vomiting phase
This phase consists of nausea and vomiting; an inability to eat, drink, or take medicines without vomiting; paleness; drowsiness; and exhaustion.

Recovery phase
This phase begins when the nausea and vomiting stop. Healthy color, appetite, and energy return.

That is what I fear the most- when I know an episode is coming on-I know I will be in bed again for days. I start to panic because there is nothing can do to stop it- I know I will end up in the ER needing fluids, and pain and nausea medication, where people will watch me puke- that is so embarrassing.

I know the kids will have to know their Mom is sick, that Jen will freak out and worry. I fear this disease more than death. More than anything. I hate it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

30 day blog challege Day #9

A picture of your friends....OK really? How do you do this? I have lots of friends- some I camp with, some I do kids sports with, some I do church stuff with, some I do school PTO stuff with, some who think they are my BFF, and some that really are :)- so instead of hurting any ones feelings because I left them out- I am just going to say that I am thankful for the many, many great friends that I have in my life that I have been blessed with.

On a side note, I am thinking about my friend Tammy tonight- and so sorry for her loss- she had two embryo's transferred and the did not stay. Hugs for Tammy.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Bryce!

Today, 17 years ago, all of my dreams came true. I wanted to be a Mom my whole life and on this day, my Bryce Jordan was born!

He was three weeks late- it was not like we miscalculated or anything- so it was so hard to let the days pass, and not meet him. It was like Christmas but with no presents.

I was induced and 56- yes I said 56 hours later- Bryce was born. It was the most emotional thing- he was perfect. I remember how warm he was when they laid him on my tummy.

I was such an emotional Mama Bear from day one- not sure where all that comes from- but it was overwhelming to love someone so much.

He was my first, we struggled through it together, nursing, diaper blow outs, no sleep- but it was an amazing journey that I would never trade for a minute.

17 years later- I still enjoy being with this kid. He has changed so much, his body is turning into a young man- and this Mom still sees her baby who needs help with his Pokemon Cards, and learning to swim.

I love you Bryce, I love being with you, talking to you, laughing with you, listening to your ideas and thoughts. I am anxious to see the man you will become. Thank you for sharing this journey with me that only you could.

Happy 17Th Birthday- my First Born!

Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Day's of Blogging- Day #8

A place you have visited.....Hawaii! We try to take the kids every year to Hawaii- they have learned so much about snorkeling and scuba, and boogie boarding, and now surfing- it has been so fun watching them grow. Trey and Dylan used to be afraid of the water and would stand and cry on the beach- Taya has always loved it. Here are a few pictures of them growing up on the beaches of Hawaii!

Trey, Dylan and Toby

Dylan, Trey, Toby, and Bryce with our friend Mel

Bryce teaching Trey to catch a wave

Dylan and Trey, crying on the beach

Trey and Dylan- they were so cute!

Family Photo


Taya's first trip- 2 1/2 months old

We try to do a parrott picture every year


Wow- how Bryce has grown! 2010

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Taking a break to complain

UG! I just want to vent. I am so frustrated- no one cleans up after them selves in my family and I can't do it all. I am going on strike from making dinner until the kids and Jen start picking up after themselves. 1 against 6 is not a fair fight- seriously- they can't even close the pantry after they get something out of it. Bryce tells everyone that I don't work and I don't do anything all day- really? Jen has been asleep for a 6 hour nap- I want a 6 hour nap- while she was asleep- I hauled hay, fed and watered all the animals, mopped the bathroom floor, drove out to the shop and restocked wood pellets, did laundry, gave the puppies their shots, and wrote this blog! I live with pigs! I am not saying I am a neat freak- but really- I just want some help. I am turning into my mother- I remember her ranting about this stuff. Please tell me it will get better or I am first in line for the Kool-Aid! Ok done- but I don't feel any better.

30 Days of Blogging day #7

Favorite movie- I love horror movies- love, love, love them. I am hard to scare though and I never jump- but I do love them- especially the Saw ones, because they are just so sick and twisted. I am weird though, in that I hate to watch a movie twice- I think it is a waste of time. I hate Cartoons- can not stand to watch them and Disney movies with animals are always going to be sad, so I steer clear of them too!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

30 Days of Blogging Day # 6

A picture of something that makes you happy.... This sums it up- my family, my kids, my wonderful spouse, Hawaii, and dogs! What is better than this?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Days of Blogging- My Parents

My Parents! I had an amazing Mother- her name was Jan. I could go on all day about her. She was always the President of the school PTO- I remember so much about her: Serving lunches when the lunch lady could not Sewing things for myself and her friends Sunbathing in the backyard Decorating my room Driving me to all the places I needed to go Vacations My first cruise The great parties she would throw Making parfait's My first Communion Your cooking Watching TV Going to Church Calling you for a pick me up when I was sad or down Cream of Wheat when I was sick Not saying anything when you knew I was "Borrowing" you car at 14! How excited she was when I was expecting Bryce When she came to visit after Bryce was born and was the first person to lay him in his crib There are the bad memories too: Alcohol, and the embarrassing things that she did when she was drunk Her getting a DUI with all my friends in the car- never lived that one down Doing my homework in bars Burying my Mother too soon because she could not stop drinking I was shorted so many wonderful years with my Mom, my kids with their Nana, and Jen never was able to meet this amazing woman. It is the reason I do not drink. I don't have very many pictures of my Mom- but here is one. I love you Mom. I miss you!
Below is my Dad, Lee and my Step Mom, Toni. They were married when I was in fourth grade. We had a rough go at first- I took my Mom's side, my Dad saw my Mom's true colors and wanted to protect me, I thought Toni was trying to replace my Mom- but over the years things have gotten better. They will never be perfect- I will never be as close to my step Mom as her real son's are- but she has had to put up with a lot over the years, she has stuck it out and I have learned that just because I love and care about her- it does not take away from the love I have for my Mom. Toni is one of the smartest people I have ever known. She is very compassionate and caring and I am glad my Dad married her.

My Dad is a funny guy- he is very loud, and smart, and he was a strict Dad growing up. He is a business man first- when we would get into trouble, he would whip out a contract for us to sign about our behavior, or grades, or whatever the case was. I had different parents- but the three of them formed me into to the mother I am today!

30 Days Blogging Day #5-My Sibling's

I, like Taya, am the only girl with 4 brothers- however she is much closer to her brothers than I ever was or will be. I have one "real" brother- Bruce- My Dad re-married when I was in the fourth grade a woman named Toni- she had two boys, Ross and Chad, and a step son, David. Technically David is not my brother I guess, but I throw him into that category! David never lived with us- he was someone talked about and I knew who he was but did not really develop a relationship with him until I was an adult. This is David. He lives in IL and has a partner named Kevin. Dave is the President of Central Illinois Alliance for Diversity & Equality- so what that means is- he is out and about in the gay world.. Not sure his ex-wife is real happy about that- but I love him!

This is Ross with my Step Mom- he lives in OR and I am not really sure what he does. Of all of my brothers- we are the most distant and always have been- just never been able to make that connection. Our kids and his kids do not really know each other- and well that I have no clue what he does for a living probably says a lot. I have not seen him in about 6 years.

This is Bruce and his wife Kristin. They live in TX and he is a warehouse manager for Costco. He has the largest store in all of TX! He works too hard and too much- but he is a great guy. I love to spend time with him and his family. We went on a 2 family, motor home vacation last summer and it was so fun!

This is my baby brother Chad, his wife Robyn, and their son PI- he works for Google and lives in San Fransisco! Chad and I were really close growing up and when our parents first got married- he was in fourth grade and I was in sixth. We stay in contact and have visited with each other a few times- but all in all I would have to say I came from a pretty dysfunctional family and I am not really super close with any of my brothers.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 3- My First Love

OK, there is to be no laughing at this post! I mean it. I could lie and write this beautiful post about how I loved my family growing up, or a furry cat I had, or the idea of being a Mom someday- but lets tell the truth- for as long as I can remember I have loved Barry! Barry Manilow that is! I listened to his music growing up- I used to write Kate Manilow on things- I have been to 10 or so of his concerts, where I always cry- I love him! I even tell the boys he is their donor- because when you have a sperm donor- he can be anyone you want him to be! :) It is a long standing joke in our house-but he was my first love. Ok I have taken the first step and admitted I have a problem..... Man, I do love this man! However, Jo always came in a close second!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Day #2- Meaning behind your blog name

Ok, so this is going to give you a glimpse into how sick and twisted we are. Jen comes from a family that has worked on Oil rigs most of their lives- so they are a bit crass and use a lot of colorful language. Her Dad will say things like- "That Tramp has a stinky pinky" talking about her "downstairs". I had never heard this term and it sure made me laugh. I love Tinkerbell and I could not call my blog Stinky Pinky so I made it Stinky Tinky- sick huh? Funny, but sick.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 day Blog Challenge

I have seen this on a few posts- so I decided to do it. Here are the topics for each day: 1: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts OK Here goes- My name is Kate McBride. I am 41 years old and I live in Colorado on an old farm. I have 5 children- yes 5- 4 boys and a girl that I just love to pieces. They made me laugh, make my chest burst with pride, they teach me so much and I love being their Mom. I am grateful for the chance. I have an amazing partner that I can not imagine my life without. She is my voice of reason, my shoulder to cry on, my protector in the night, and my lover in the sheets. I love her and she completes me. I raise, sell, show, and breed white golden retrievers. It is a very busy and full time job. I am also the treasurer of two schools, I volunteer with the Domestic Violence office and run the weekly group and and on call one weekend a month for any new intakes. I am on the Policy Council for my daughter's school- and I love to scrapbook. 15 facts about me- here is where you may start nodding off: 1- I like cats more than dogs 2- I love scary movies 3- I love to read books 4- I am a horrible sleeper 5- If I could scrapbook all day, everyday I would 6- I hate sports and all my kids are in them- so I fake it. 7- Fish, tuna, anything that smells like that grosses me out and I want to be very far away from the smell 8-I have a disease that interrupts my life and makes me angry- I think about it all the time- I wish I was "Normal" 9- I do not drink alcohol- just Dr. Pepper and I prefer it over water. 10-I do not use toilet paper- (this is to see if anyone is really reading these) 11-My dog Root Beer- goes everywhere with me- she is always in my car, hotel room, any where I am- she is there also. 12-My favorite color is pink- in fact my keyboard is even pink! 13-I fell and hit my head last summer- and I still have a dent in my skull from it- owee 1 4- I freak out at the sight of blood. If the kids get hurt- they have to take a picture and send it to Jen to see if they need stitches- I just can't do it. Blood in movies does not bother me because it is not real. Real blood- makes me want to puke. 15-I was a foster parent to teenagers- and have some amazing kids in my life because of it. 16- in case you read my trick on on 10- I get motion sick even on swings at the playground! _______________________________________ Ok tomorrow we will move on the the next topic: Day 2: Meaning behind your blog name Day 3: Your first love Day 4: Your parents D ay 5: A song to match your mood Day 6: A picture of something that makes you happy Day 7: Favorite movies Day 8: A place you've traveled to Day 9: A favorite picture of your best friend Day 10: Something you're afraid of Day 11: Favorite tv shows Day 12: Something you don't leave the house without Day 13: Goals Day 14: A picture of you last year - how have you changed? Day 15: Bible verse Day 16: Dream house Day 17: Something you're looking forward to Day 18: Favorite Place to Eat Day 19: Something you miss Day 20: Nicknames Day 21: Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why? Day 22: What's in your purse? Day 23: Favorite Movie Day 24: Something you've learned Day 25: Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs Day 26: Your Dream Wedding Day 27: Original Photo of the city you live in Day 28: Something that stresses you out Day 29: 3 Wishes Day 30: a picture of yourself this day and 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gushing with Pide!

We have spent the last two days in Denver with Toby at the State championships. It was a 64 man bracket and a lot of wrestling- but he did great. In one hour he had to wrestle 4 guys- these are the best of the best. He lost one match to the two time state champion kid who is a year older than him and never lost a match. We are so happy with how well he did. Toby on top Toby in Red against the state champion
This one turned sideways- but please notice the guy in purple is pinching Toby's leg behind is knee- cheaters never prosper!!

With his third place medal--that means he is the third best wrestler in the state! Amazing!

The team- out of 18 kids only 3 placed, Toby was third, Chris 4Th and Brian 6Th. Great job to these guys.