Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Days Blogging Day #5-My Sibling's

I, like Taya, am the only girl with 4 brothers- however she is much closer to her brothers than I ever was or will be. I have one "real" brother- Bruce- My Dad re-married when I was in the fourth grade a woman named Toni- she had two boys, Ross and Chad, and a step son, David. Technically David is not my brother I guess, but I throw him into that category! David never lived with us- he was someone talked about and I knew who he was but did not really develop a relationship with him until I was an adult. This is David. He lives in IL and has a partner named Kevin. Dave is the President of Central Illinois Alliance for Diversity & Equality- so what that means is- he is out and about in the gay world.. Not sure his ex-wife is real happy about that- but I love him!

This is Ross with my Step Mom- he lives in OR and I am not really sure what he does. Of all of my brothers- we are the most distant and always have been- just never been able to make that connection. Our kids and his kids do not really know each other- and well that I have no clue what he does for a living probably says a lot. I have not seen him in about 6 years.

This is Bruce and his wife Kristin. They live in TX and he is a warehouse manager for Costco. He has the largest store in all of TX! He works too hard and too much- but he is a great guy. I love to spend time with him and his family. We went on a 2 family, motor home vacation last summer and it was so fun!

This is my baby brother Chad, his wife Robyn, and their son PI- he works for Google and lives in San Fransisco! Chad and I were really close growing up and when our parents first got married- he was in fourth grade and I was in sixth. We stay in contact and have visited with each other a few times- but all in all I would have to say I came from a pretty dysfunctional family and I am not really super close with any of my brothers.

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