Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 3- My First Love

OK, there is to be no laughing at this post! I mean it. I could lie and write this beautiful post about how I loved my family growing up, or a furry cat I had, or the idea of being a Mom someday- but lets tell the truth- for as long as I can remember I have loved Barry! Barry Manilow that is! I listened to his music growing up- I used to write Kate Manilow on things- I have been to 10 or so of his concerts, where I always cry- I love him! I even tell the boys he is their donor- because when you have a sperm donor- he can be anyone you want him to be! :) It is a long standing joke in our house-but he was my first love. Ok I have taken the first step and admitted I have a problem..... Man, I do love this man! However, Jo always came in a close second!


  1. Here's a present.
    Hope the link works. m.

  2. Thanks Mark- Jo is still hot!