Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Bryce!

Today, 17 years ago, all of my dreams came true. I wanted to be a Mom my whole life and on this day, my Bryce Jordan was born!

He was three weeks late- it was not like we miscalculated or anything- so it was so hard to let the days pass, and not meet him. It was like Christmas but with no presents.

I was induced and 56- yes I said 56 hours later- Bryce was born. It was the most emotional thing- he was perfect. I remember how warm he was when they laid him on my tummy.

I was such an emotional Mama Bear from day one- not sure where all that comes from- but it was overwhelming to love someone so much.

He was my first, we struggled through it together, nursing, diaper blow outs, no sleep- but it was an amazing journey that I would never trade for a minute.

17 years later- I still enjoy being with this kid. He has changed so much, his body is turning into a young man- and this Mom still sees her baby who needs help with his Pokemon Cards, and learning to swim.

I love you Bryce, I love being with you, talking to you, laughing with you, listening to your ideas and thoughts. I am anxious to see the man you will become. Thank you for sharing this journey with me that only you could.

Happy 17Th Birthday- my First Born!

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