Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Days of Blogging- My Parents

My Parents! I had an amazing Mother- her name was Jan. I could go on all day about her. She was always the President of the school PTO- I remember so much about her: Serving lunches when the lunch lady could not Sewing things for myself and her friends Sunbathing in the backyard Decorating my room Driving me to all the places I needed to go Vacations My first cruise The great parties she would throw Making parfait's My first Communion Your cooking Watching TV Going to Church Calling you for a pick me up when I was sad or down Cream of Wheat when I was sick Not saying anything when you knew I was "Borrowing" you car at 14! How excited she was when I was expecting Bryce When she came to visit after Bryce was born and was the first person to lay him in his crib There are the bad memories too: Alcohol, and the embarrassing things that she did when she was drunk Her getting a DUI with all my friends in the car- never lived that one down Doing my homework in bars Burying my Mother too soon because she could not stop drinking I was shorted so many wonderful years with my Mom, my kids with their Nana, and Jen never was able to meet this amazing woman. It is the reason I do not drink. I don't have very many pictures of my Mom- but here is one. I love you Mom. I miss you!
Below is my Dad, Lee and my Step Mom, Toni. They were married when I was in fourth grade. We had a rough go at first- I took my Mom's side, my Dad saw my Mom's true colors and wanted to protect me, I thought Toni was trying to replace my Mom- but over the years things have gotten better. They will never be perfect- I will never be as close to my step Mom as her real son's are- but she has had to put up with a lot over the years, she has stuck it out and I have learned that just because I love and care about her- it does not take away from the love I have for my Mom. Toni is one of the smartest people I have ever known. She is very compassionate and caring and I am glad my Dad married her.

My Dad is a funny guy- he is very loud, and smart, and he was a strict Dad growing up. He is a business man first- when we would get into trouble, he would whip out a contract for us to sign about our behavior, or grades, or whatever the case was. I had different parents- but the three of them formed me into to the mother I am today!

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