Monday, April 25, 2011

30 Days of Blogging catch up

OK I have fallen behind- imagine that! So I am doing 3 days today!

Day 11- Favorite TV shows:

I like the gory stuff:
CSI- all of them
Criminal Minds
Without A Trace

I also like :
Judge Judy
Amazing Race

I only watch shows that I have recorded- I can't stand commercials and I have no patience for them.

Day #12- What you believe

OK, this could mean a lot of things- like Religion or what? I am going to go with what I know to be true- I will die before Jen will- I know this will be true. Don't ask me how- it is just something I am sure of.

Day #13- Goals

To catch up on the kids scrapbook albums
To be a great Mom and Spouse
To have grass in my yard
To go to NYC
To have all my kids Graduate from High School

OK, so I know I cheated by doing three days in 1- but I had to catch up- it was weighing on me!

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