Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brotherly Love

Taya sure makes her brothers jump through a lot of hoops for her affection. Today she required Trey and Dylan to wear pink backpacks in order to play with her. They did it! The backpacks barely fit them, but to please their sister they did it- they love her.

A funny thing...yesterday Bryce had a girl over to ride 4 wheelers- her name was Alex- all was going well until Taya saw her- then she came in and told Jen and I that it was time for Bryce's friend to go home...Taya would not talk to Alex or hug Bryce or anything- she just said she did not like her and it was time for her to go home. What a jealous little three year old....and here I thought her brothers would be the ones giving her a hard time about boys!

Dylan and Trey with Taya's pink backpacks on

Taya looks like she is admiring Trey for wearing her pink backpack

Dylan and Taya

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Playing Tripoly!

Family picture

Family and friends

The dogs are really hoping Jen will drop a bite

Jen carving the turkey

I know I am a day late- but I wanted to tell all of my blogger friends Happy Turkey Day! It is so easy to take all of our blessings for granted. I really try to give back to the community- but I am going to try harder this year to help those less fortunate then myself and my family. I have been so blessed int his life and I appreciate it.
We had a wonderful day- had some friends and family over- but not too many- and played Tripoly with the kids. I love that my kids still enjoy spending time with us.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am responsable...

I want everyone to know that I was told today that I am single handedly responsible for ruining my son's social life! Bryce has an F and a few D's so I won't let him go to the movies and he is all caught up in the teenage drama. He wants to go meet a girl at the movies- and I am ruining it all. Oh how I remember those days. The teen years are hard- he is in his room pouting and plotting my death I am sure.

Oh a lighter note- we got the Christmas lights up today so that makes me happy- sometimes I don't put any up- so I am glad it is done. I bought a few 3 1/2 foot trees to put in our new kitchen, so I am feeling kind of festive this year!

I am going to go shopping on Friday- not major shopping like I do some years- I am one of those people that goes out of control for Christmas and I am really going to scale back this year.

I better go get busy baking pies for tomorrow- although my DVR is really calling me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trey did great!

I am glad this day is over. Surgery went great- they put some pins in Trey's hand to hold it together and he is doing great. Praise God. He had never been under before- so it is always nerve racking the first tome someone goes under.

He needs to keep this cast type thing on for three weeks- then he should be good to go!

Jen only got to stay for a little while- so that sucked- I know she wanted to be there- and I needed her there. I hate that she has to work so much.

Thanks for every one's well wishes for Trey- I appreciate all of you!

Mama with Trey before surgery

Jen kissing her boy before surgery
I had to get a picture with "the hat"

After surgery- not feeling so hot

"The Hand"

Monday, November 23, 2009

We won ANOTHER trip to the ER!

It has been what 2 weeks since I took Toby to the ER for stitches? I guess we were overdo!

Trey and Toby were wrestling/fighting last night and Trey went to punch Toby and missed. He cried and complained that his finger hurt- but I thought 1/2 of it was for show to make Toby feel bad. I gave him some Tylenol, tapped his fingers together and he did not complain the rest of the night. His hand was a little swollen but nothing major.

So he wakes up this morning and his hand is huge and bruised! So I made an appointment at the Dr.

He got an x-ray and I was mortified. His bone is not only broken but it needs to be pinned- OK I get the bad Mother award! I swear he did not complain or I would have taken him tot he ER last night! He has a boxer's Fracture. I feel horrible! They called him in pain meds- but he is still not really complaining- it is swollen and bruised- but he is still trying to use it.

I wish I could post his x-ray it is really bad- scanner issue again!

He has surgery scheduled tomorrow here in town, but I also made an appointment at Children's in the morning- so I am not sure which way I am going to go yet- one way or another he needs surgery tomorrow and some pins to fix it. My baby- for his 10Th Birthday he got a broken hand! Happy Birthday son.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Trey and Dylan!

I cannot believe my little twins are 10! As they say- they are now in the double digits.

This is where I would love to insert pictures of them from the past- but as I have said before Jen has never hooked up our scanner!

Dylan- you get teased a lot about being smaller then Trey- and I know this is hard- but it makes you a stronger child. You are so loving and no matter what you always have a hug for me. You are so helpful and ask me several times a day if there is anything I need. You are compassionate and smart and not boastful at all- this makes you such a joy to be around. I love you Dylan!

Trey- You are such an amazing little boy. You are athletic, and smart, and good at everything you do- but still humble about it. You do not brag or make people feel bad and this is a great quality. You are helpful and funny and though you have a crazy side- your smile lights up any room. I am proud to be your Mom and I know great things will come from you. I love you Trey!

We took them shopping yesterday and they thought that was cool to get to pick out stuff they wanted- I guess they are growing up! Funny they picked a lot of the same stuff- but the little boy inside them still wanted to go to "Build a Bear" and make a bear. they I got them to sit on Santa's lap at the mall and I of course bought a picture! I sure need that scanner now don't I?

Well Happy Birthday to Twin A and Twin B- you have sure made my life complete- I love you so much!

Dylan got the beaters

With their angel food cakes

Trey got the bowl

The cake my friend Lisa brought for them

Hard to believe they are twins!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ranting.....about Taya's parent teacher conference

So I went to Taya's parent teacher conference tonight- now I have been to my fair share of parent teacher conference- but this one irritated me. Her teacher is like 12 years old, not married, and has no children- so she does know everything about parenting.

First of all remember that Taya is 3 1/2. This is what she had to complain about:

Taya does not hold her pencil in a three point grip- she holds it like a stick-Who cares? What the hell does it matter? Bryce holds his in a 4 point grip- my nail tech does something funny when he is coloring my nails- I think he uses the over, under, 5 point grip- but it works for him.

She takes the paper off the outside of the crayons- so she likes naked crayons- is she hurting anyone? She is at least leaving her clothes on, I appreciate that!

She likes to play independently instead of with others- this translates to the other kids are no fun or she does not like to share- for goodness sake she has 4 brothers maybe she wants some alone time- why is this a bad thing? Maybe they have bad breath? Maybe she wants to be the boss, who knows and who cares. If she wasn't playing at all they would complain about that too.

She only asks yes and no questions- maybe she does not care about anything yet that requires colorful answers. Yes and no answers most questions- I think she is getting her basic needs met.

She spilled 1/2 a glass of milk and only got 1 paper towel to clean it up- be glad she even tried to clean it up- most kids wouldn't. Next time don't pour her so much milk- where is the teacher's responsibility in all of this?

Sometimes after she washes her hands she needs to be reminded to throw her towel in the trash instead of on the floor- again back to the 4 older brother thing- she throws it on the floor at home- of course maybe she should throw it in her teachers face and say "How's that?"- it would be a non yes and no question.

When she colors she moves her whole arm, instead of only her wrist- so I need to start doing wrist exercises with her why to avoid carpel tunnel? I am thankful she is coloring on paper and not the walls- she needs to save her wrist movements for waving at the crowds of people lining the streets wanting her autograph from one of her naked crayons.

Then at the end of the conference the teacher let me know she was moving to KY- hooray- glad to be done with you- can I help you pack?

Life goes on

Not a whole lot going on in our lives. Jen is back and I am so happy about that. Trey and Dylan turn 10 on Sunday- not really sure where that 10 years went.

Bryce is doing horrible in school and it frustrates me- so he won't be driving. He does not seem to care though. Christmas is in 5 weeks and I have bought zero gifts!

We have like 4 females in heat- and had this huge dog fight- females just hate each other when they are in heat- plus the dogs are white- so a little blood looks so much worse- but I was sure glad Jen was home to go look- blood just really freaks me out. Toby cut his finger open to the bone about 2 weeks ago and I just can't look- I even made the Dr. cover it up at the ER with a towel. I am such a wuss.

Taya tried to flush a stuffed animal down the toilet tonight- didn't work. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Jen is back and all is well

Taya is fixing her hair

On this day Taya decided to come up with her own outfit so we went with it.
The great news is that Jen is back.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

I went to a scrap booking weekend- this past weekend- I farmed all the kids out and went and got some work done. I do love to scrapbook. I will go again in March yippee! I am still so behind.

A funny political page

a page with my grandmother

play and tub time

This is the fun tree house

Halloween- I know it is late!

Ok I know Halloween has come and gone but I am in a slump- so I am behind. Halloween sucked- we got a snow storm on Thursday so no school Thursday or Friday so the kids missed all their parties. It was cold for Trick or Treating and Jen was still gone- whine whine!

Haloween is my favorite holiday but not this year. Taya really enjoyed the house to house thing. She would say-"thank you, Trick or Treat" so she kind of got it. :)

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween.

Taya was a kitty

Trey, Dylan and Taya

Look at my eyes

Trey dresses like a girl every year- hum

The group with Jen's Brother's kids before Trick or Treating

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Why does my daughter draw on EVERYTHING??????? The boys- all 4 of them never did this. Taya draws on everything. The toaster, the walls, the dishwasher, the doors, the tile in the bathroom, the back of my car seats. She is killing me!