Monday, November 23, 2009

We won ANOTHER trip to the ER!

It has been what 2 weeks since I took Toby to the ER for stitches? I guess we were overdo!

Trey and Toby were wrestling/fighting last night and Trey went to punch Toby and missed. He cried and complained that his finger hurt- but I thought 1/2 of it was for show to make Toby feel bad. I gave him some Tylenol, tapped his fingers together and he did not complain the rest of the night. His hand was a little swollen but nothing major.

So he wakes up this morning and his hand is huge and bruised! So I made an appointment at the Dr.

He got an x-ray and I was mortified. His bone is not only broken but it needs to be pinned- OK I get the bad Mother award! I swear he did not complain or I would have taken him tot he ER last night! He has a boxer's Fracture. I feel horrible! They called him in pain meds- but he is still not really complaining- it is swollen and bruised- but he is still trying to use it.

I wish I could post his x-ray it is really bad- scanner issue again!

He has surgery scheduled tomorrow here in town, but I also made an appointment at Children's in the morning- so I am not sure which way I am going to go yet- one way or another he needs surgery tomorrow and some pins to fix it. My baby- for his 10Th Birthday he got a broken hand! Happy Birthday son.


  1. wow. sorry!! hope the surgery heeds lots of cool stories he can tell his friends

  2. Wow, I cant believe that didnt hurt any more than it did. Its looks terrible. Dont blame yourself Kate...we all know your a fantastic Mother!

  3. Ugh - that sucks! Poor guy! And don't beat yourself up over it, how are you supposed to know he is hurting if he doesn't tell you that he is. What did they say at Childrens? And how did the surgery go?

    Boys - what are we gonna do with them??!!!

  4. Wow! That looks so sore! You're a great mom! Hope the surgery goes well.