Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ranting.....about Taya's parent teacher conference

So I went to Taya's parent teacher conference tonight- now I have been to my fair share of parent teacher conference- but this one irritated me. Her teacher is like 12 years old, not married, and has no children- so she does know everything about parenting.

First of all remember that Taya is 3 1/2. This is what she had to complain about:

Taya does not hold her pencil in a three point grip- she holds it like a stick-Who cares? What the hell does it matter? Bryce holds his in a 4 point grip- my nail tech does something funny when he is coloring my nails- I think he uses the over, under, 5 point grip- but it works for him.

She takes the paper off the outside of the crayons- so she likes naked crayons- is she hurting anyone? She is at least leaving her clothes on, I appreciate that!

She likes to play independently instead of with others- this translates to the other kids are no fun or she does not like to share- for goodness sake she has 4 brothers maybe she wants some alone time- why is this a bad thing? Maybe they have bad breath? Maybe she wants to be the boss, who knows and who cares. If she wasn't playing at all they would complain about that too.

She only asks yes and no questions- maybe she does not care about anything yet that requires colorful answers. Yes and no answers most questions- I think she is getting her basic needs met.

She spilled 1/2 a glass of milk and only got 1 paper towel to clean it up- be glad she even tried to clean it up- most kids wouldn't. Next time don't pour her so much milk- where is the teacher's responsibility in all of this?

Sometimes after she washes her hands she needs to be reminded to throw her towel in the trash instead of on the floor- again back to the 4 older brother thing- she throws it on the floor at home- of course maybe she should throw it in her teachers face and say "How's that?"- it would be a non yes and no question.

When she colors she moves her whole arm, instead of only her wrist- so I need to start doing wrist exercises with her why to avoid carpel tunnel? I am thankful she is coloring on paper and not the walls- she needs to save her wrist movements for waving at the crowds of people lining the streets wanting her autograph from one of her naked crayons.

Then at the end of the conference the teacher let me know she was moving to KY- hooray- glad to be done with you- can I help you pack?


  1. Yeah, I am glad she is moving too. It sounds like this teacher is unhappy, and that she should not be working with three year olds! How did you manage to not smack her upside her head?

  2. Oh my gosh! You're so funny! I especially like the one where she spilled the milk and only got 1 towel....what the heck? Glad she's moving.

  3. what an awful teacher. So negative!!

  4. Oh my gosh! Seriously?!!! This woman is a TEACHER? Im so glad shes moving! Sheesh!