Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brotherly Love

Taya sure makes her brothers jump through a lot of hoops for her affection. Today she required Trey and Dylan to wear pink backpacks in order to play with her. They did it! The backpacks barely fit them, but to please their sister they did it- they love her.

A funny thing...yesterday Bryce had a girl over to ride 4 wheelers- her name was Alex- all was going well until Taya saw her- then she came in and told Jen and I that it was time for Bryce's friend to go home...Taya would not talk to Alex or hug Bryce or anything- she just said she did not like her and it was time for her to go home. What a jealous little three year old....and here I thought her brothers would be the ones giving her a hard time about boys!

Dylan and Trey with Taya's pink backpacks on

Taya looks like she is admiring Trey for wearing her pink backpack

Dylan and Taya


  1. too cute....she is very well loved :)

  2. Ok - that is GREAT!! I love it, and your boys for being such wonderful big brothers!!