Thursday, November 19, 2009

Life goes on

Not a whole lot going on in our lives. Jen is back and I am so happy about that. Trey and Dylan turn 10 on Sunday- not really sure where that 10 years went.

Bryce is doing horrible in school and it frustrates me- so he won't be driving. He does not seem to care though. Christmas is in 5 weeks and I have bought zero gifts!

We have like 4 females in heat- and had this huge dog fight- females just hate each other when they are in heat- plus the dogs are white- so a little blood looks so much worse- but I was sure glad Jen was home to go look- blood just really freaks me out. Toby cut his finger open to the bone about 2 weeks ago and I just can't look- I even made the Dr. cover it up at the ER with a towel. I am such a wuss.

Taya tried to flush a stuffed animal down the toilet tonight- didn't work. :)


  1. Kate- I will email more details once I get a chance. I dont want to put it all on my blog, yet.

  2. ps, love the pic of Taya going to bed in boots!