Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am responsable...

I want everyone to know that I was told today that I am single handedly responsible for ruining my son's social life! Bryce has an F and a few D's so I won't let him go to the movies and he is all caught up in the teenage drama. He wants to go meet a girl at the movies- and I am ruining it all. Oh how I remember those days. The teen years are hard- he is in his room pouting and plotting my death I am sure.

Oh a lighter note- we got the Christmas lights up today so that makes me happy- sometimes I don't put any up- so I am glad it is done. I bought a few 3 1/2 foot trees to put in our new kitchen, so I am feeling kind of festive this year!

I am going to go shopping on Friday- not major shopping like I do some years- I am one of those people that goes out of control for Christmas and I am really going to scale back this year.

I better go get busy baking pies for tomorrow- although my DVR is really calling me.


  1. Glad Trey made it through the surgery.

    I'm going shopping, too. :) I always go and then get stuck in the crowds and swear I'll never do it again...until next year. :)

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!

  2. Oh what a terrible Mom! LOL! One day he will understand.