Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wow- that is my son!

I have to brag on Toby a little more.  So, remember when I said he was chosen to wrestle for a Colorado Elite teaming Iowa?  Well, he and 47 other kids went to this National tournament.  800 kids and 38 states.  Toby kicked butt!   He came home with the title of All American!  He went 6-2 and the second day beat one of the kids he lost to on the first day.  He is on a role- such a good wrestler, and straight A student and so humble.  So proud of him.  I had a coach contact me and ask if he could go to New Mexico next weekend- so off he goes.  Out of the 47 kids only 3 came home with the title of All American!  This is just the beginning for him, excited to see what his future holds.  Remember folks, you knew him when....

 Toby in blue
 and he wins another....
 and he pins another
 This was team "red" like the varsity team that went to Iowa
This is one of the other kids from our town that also went to Iowa- he was 4-4

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Babies!

OK, so we are suckers.  After losing Pretzel last week, my heart was heavy- I mean I knew I would get another kitty- because when you have love to gee it is inevitable.  S, I was responding to a post on Facebook and the lady that we got Pretzel from said the same Mom had 6 kittens- well hell ya, Pretzels Mom has new babies- the same genes or at least half- I told her we would go that afternoon- well we came home with two!

This cutie is Waffels- love her mask face

and this cutie is Candy Corn- you can't tell but she has one orange leg and orange on one cheek so she looks like she has a dirty face- I need to get a better picture of her- but she is always sleeping.

Waffels will just lay on her tummy in your hand for hours- she is so sweet- and Candy Corn was the brut of the litter- but the first night she just shook because she was so scared.  She is adjusted now.

I am like a Mama with a newborn- not getting any sleep because I need to make sure the babies are ok and that Jen does not smash them- you can't really tell from the pictures- but they are tiny- I know they are not 8 weeks old.  I put them on my mail scale and Waffels is only 10 oz and Candy Corn is 1 pound- that is crazy small.  Waffels does not eat as well as Candy Corn- we went and bought her some special food and she is learning- she probably still needs her Mama- but the people were ready to get rid of them and who better to take care of them than me?  I am glad they have each other and I have new kitties to love.

Why the food names you are wondering?  I have no clue- we just started it- the Goldens get Hawaiian names and the inside animals get food names.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Prom Update

So, after prom- the heartless B*tch sent Bryce a text the next morning and said, "things are just not working out, I have been feeling this for awhile now- but I wanted to go to prom. So I am moving on."

My poor son, nothing like looking into your son's red eyes and know she broke his heart. I know it is for the best, he is better than her and he will be leaving soon and focus on his future- but none of that helps when your son has a broken heart.

However, he posted this picture on Facebook the next day and wrote:

I love this girl so much just seeing her face makes me happy

I love you son, and your are a great guy who has a great future ahead of you. Never let a girl change who you are- and this Mom and this little sister think you are the best and to us you are perfect!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Prom 2012

WOW! Not sure when it happened but my little baby Bryce is going to be 18 on Thursday and tonight he went to his Senior prom with his girlfriend Kallie. They looked great. He wanted a white tux and I was unsure- but turns out about 1/2 the class also had white tux's so it all worked out.

Kallie is a tiny thing and her mom is also a lesbian, so they have a lot in common.

They looked great, I hope they have a fun time and come home safe.

Taya was not sure about sending Bryce out with Kallie, it is amazing how much she loves her brother.
I got sunburned today at baseball- but I sure love this boy!

Friday, April 13, 2012

F*ck Friday the 13th!

I am so pissed, hurt, sad, upset, mad...the neighbor's dog comes to "visit" all the time- and today it killed our cat Pretzel. She was just a baby- and trusted dogs and would never fight back- she had internal damage. I am so sick of death and loss that I just want to puke!

Goodbye my sweet Pretzel, I am so sorry. I will always love you!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Easter Bunny came to CO

Usually, we are up until midnight putting Easter Baskets together- this year we were done by 10:30- proud of us!

The baskets, waiting for morning. Not sure when Easter became like Christmas with the kids getting iPods, Nike shocks, Navy Clothes, videos etc. but they enjoyed it.
Toby and Taya dying eggs- I am sure he will appreciate me posting his shirtless body- lol
Taya, Trey, and Jen planning the Easter egg hunting strategy
Dylan collecting eggs
Trey posing for a picture for Mom!

My beautiful princess on Easter

We have a friend who puts together a Easter egg hunt with over 10,000 eggs and prizes- the kids get way to many eggs- but have fun. The day was the perfect temperature and it was nice to have Jen not at work. Bryce had to work- it is weird- he is with us less endless and he goes up.

After the hunt we had some folks over from church that have no electricity and could not cook for themselves- I made a 20 pound turkey and we had a nice quiet meal at home.

I am very thankful for my family and the life we have. Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not Finished Bragging

So, after the last state wrestling tournament that I wrote about- we went on to the huge Middle School state- were 1000 wrestlers competed for two days. Toby freaking won! It was so exciting. The guy he beat in the Championship round was undefeated, as was Toby. His brother is on the Olympic wrestling team and even the director of the entire program congratulated Toby and said, "Do you know who you just beat?" He told Toby he was a great athlete and to keep with it. It was amazing. His season ended 25-0.

This is the newspaper article written about him- I thought it was amazing.

This is a proud Mama right here. He was chosen to be on an Elite team and will go to Iowa next week then Nationals in PA!

Trey and Dylan wrestled their hearts out at this tournament as well- but did not place. I have high hopes for them next year!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, these are my three wrestlers. Toby ended his school career 18-0 and then the coach ditches them for baseball- so the private wrestling picks them up. Trey and Dylan joined in to wrestle for Middle School because 6-8 grade is Middle School. Dylan has already been wrestling all year so he was in shape- Trey had not wrestled since he was like 8 and decided to debut at State!

Toby took first, Trey took second, and Dylan took 8th. I was amazed at Trey- 5 weeks of practice and the kid took second at state. Toby is just a beast! Dylan has lots of kids in his weight bracket- so he has a tough year and he just does not have the drive- I hope he gets it back.

So proud of my kids!

Dylan, Toby, and Trey
Toby took First

Trey took second!


Seems my password protected post may not have worked for many. If you would like me to e-mail it to you I can.

It is cold and rainy here today and I hate that! I like to be warm and toasty. :)

Been trying to figure out summer kids schedules, camps, and swimming lessons, and graduation, and Bryce leaving, and camping- oh how I love summer.

I am trying to finish up Bryce's scrapbooks- I think I have 6 for him, but I still have about 200 photos to scrapbook in the next 2 months, so I need to get busy!